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Outdated Pack Items

TriggerBlade's Avatar

08.16.2013 , 11:37 PM | #1
Now if you either...

A. Have too much money.

or like me.

B. Know how to budget like a mofo.

You have probably spent more money on cartel packs then you care to admit. There is always that rare item or that set you really, really, REALLY want. Though one day you wake up do your morning routine get on TOR. Or go to work then get on TOR after you get home. You go to the cartel market to see if you can get that last piece of Revan's set... To only find out that pack has been removed (almost) without warning. Now either you are.

A. Slightly upset that you can never complete that set.

or like me.

B. Flipping the hell out because you spent a ton of cash going for one set from a randomized pack.

I know for a fact that 4 out of 5 Sith players reading this are a little irked that they may never get their throne. You either

A. grind credits to get the last 3 of the item on the Galactic Trade Market.

or like me.

B. Stupidly waste money on contraband packs to get the certificates so you can get one of the few items available.

So enough of my failed attempts at humor toned writing. To some, if not most. The removal of these packs is a little distressing. Mostly for the awesome items. My suggestion for the Cartel Market is to sell the full sets/items on the market with a upped price. Now you are either.

A. Thinking this is dumb idea and questioning why this nerd would suggest upping a price.

Or like me.

B. Understanding EA is a business and cares about money. Along with seeing this is the best deal we could get.

I think adding the Reven set, Bastila's set, Carth's, ect. Would be a good idea to take people's money and give them what they want. I know I would spend the cash to get the pieces I wasn't lucky enough to get in time.

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08.18.2013 , 10:14 PM | #2
Yeah lets go ahead and release all the rare items. Not a good idea.

TriggerBlade's Avatar

08.18.2013 , 11:54 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by roktar View Post
Yeah lets go ahead and release all the rare items. Not a good idea.
You can no longer get them. Stuff in current packs will presumably be removed like the previous packs.

JefferyClark's Avatar

08.19.2013 , 12:31 AM | #4
I would agree to adding a way to get the "rare" items after they are removed from the packs. There weren't that many Revan sashes to begin with and now you can get the mask but not the belt... so you still can't complete the set? Just doesn't seem right.
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pubstarrandi's Avatar

08.19.2013 , 04:55 PM | #5
Personally, I disagree, heartily.

Here's why I would be completely against what you're saying and why i think it would harm, not help. First off, for a rare item to be rare it most be hard to come by. The reason many buy those packs is to chase w/e rare item they want. It increases demand which helps sell packs. Remove the rarity, remove the demand, Bioware loses money. Also, the items you can purchase on GTN are already much cheaper than actually buying packs and hoping you get a good item. I'm sure Bioware makes a killing off people rolling the dice on packs. You don't want to hurt that system just for adding an easily obtained old pack(i.e. second-go-around, less in demand), purchasable items.

That said, let's talk about bring the items back from old packs. First off, the old packs are only two months old. Everyone had near 6 months to get w/e they wanted. If you suddenly alllow rare items to be purchased from the CM a mere 3 months after they've been expired, have fun convincing people to buy packs; they'll just "wait until they can buy it cheaper on CM." In addition, you just slapped all the people in the face that either blew tons of CC on packs to get those items or earned millions of credits to buy off GTN. Second, there are often old pack items up on GTN: many in fact. There's also another group of people that saved their items to sell later on which have items posted. You just don't want to pay for them (7 million for a throne tough? Have fun paying the same for a Hypercrate with the best items you'll likely find totaling about 2 mil or less, from a current, not expired, pack. I sadly speak from experience.)
Lastly, many people wear armors or buy pets/emotes/item for the prestige. "Hey! Check out my awesome Throne/Top Tier Armor/Rare pet." Not everyone has one which makes those items more desirable to those people. If you just add the old items, you remove that from the people that took time to get them. Unique class, unique abilities, unique items. They add special things to your character.

Frankly, not everyone is going to get every item. It may suck, but that's normal for life too and the Pack Rep themselves function off that concept. If 4 out of 5 Sith have thrones, thrones won't be nearly as cool.

*Side note, i wouldn't worry too much about the Revan gear or even old Kotor stuff. Because Revan is such a key character in the series and this installment, I don't think Blockade Runner's pack is the last we've seen of his gear. It's in too much demand to totally take away. I'd say the same with the other pieces. Oh, and it wasn't said, but i think Revan's Mask should be stand alone in collection. All of his gear beside helm was too rare, and we weren't mostly aware of the Collection system to make sure we got it.