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Kell Dragon - Gearing Your Raid

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08.18.2013 , 02:52 AM | #11
Only rules I do are MH/OH go to dps first rest is roll based, one set piece a week. The key to running a successful group is having consistency and a max of 1-2 subs.

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08.18.2013 , 03:30 AM | #12
Thanks for the input so far guys. Good to see some end game raiders all agreeing that "weapons obviously go to DPS first." and I'M not the problem for thinking so.

To clarify it IS a new loot system (original was the flat out roll system, one piece per run, we tended to toss it at someone if we knew someone else could benefit more) that we just started (well will start next week) and only applies to Kell Dragon, but even still. When he first mentioned it I was thinking "Ok, so X says the head is best in slot for them, Y says chest is, and we assign like that." But then he listed roles. And I was like "Ok, I can see that." And then he listed weapons to healers with a "Well you could argue any side...Tanks get more threat, healers more heals, DPS more damage." To which my reply was "Tanks can taunt themselves...they won't need it if they do their rotation right. Heals are wasted on over heals, DPS won't get over DPS."

Speaking of heals and amount of increase, does anyone know on average a main/off would increase heals vs how much it increases damage?

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08.18.2013 , 04:34 AM | #13
its simple, 1 gear token per raid per person

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08.18.2013 , 04:57 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by kaelthy View Post
its simple, 1 gear token per raid per person
Which isn't as simple as you make it. Yes, 1 gear token per raid. That's simple, basic, and common. What piece benefits the raid team the most as a whole is a different matter. I believed a main hand/off hand benefited DPS most. Someone else said healer. I asked top raiders their input.

My question was not "Shouldn't we give all the loot to the top DPS and get him in full 75s first run?" but was instead "Hey, what do you guys think is the ideal?"

Sure, you can give out the pieces random...but you'll have an easier time clearing the content giving it out ideally.

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08.18.2013 , 05:19 AM | #15
We finally got a good group together, and noticed that our DPS was plenty, getting the dg's down right after 2nd lightning. So we decided to gear the healers first, even though they have enough heals right of the bat, it's a bit less stressing for them if they've got some 75 pieces. After they got some stuff, we're just prioritizing which gear to give to who, for instance boots from Operator IX are really good mod and enhancement for either of our 2 snipers, and the Head from Kephess is really good for our mara and jugg. It seems implants/earpieces/relics are the biggest upgrades for our 2 tanks atm, so we're gonna give those to them first. Just have a look at the gear vendors, and see which pieces bring the biggest upgrade for your squad atm
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08.19.2013 , 12:31 AM | #16
I'm the main healer for Ewokalypse Now, we are currently 8/12 Nim(5/5 TFB and 3/7 SNV).

Personally, I have felt that other than DG, healing hasn't increased to a significant amount compared to dps. So with that logic we went with a priority to dps>tanks>heals. Now that we have gotten tfb Nim down, we are thinking that we should go all out and gear the tanks now as it should be the biggest help for the bosses we are now attempting to down.

The logic for this decision is pretty simple, the enrage timers of certain fights are the biggest prohibitive factors to the downing of the bosses, best way to deal with this, is to gear the dps. Once you aren't worrying about dieing to enrage timers, gearing tanks is the next best option, as gearing a tank takes stress off both healers, meaning they shouldn't really need as much gear anyway.

Noone in our group cares about being in full KD either, so that helps. We are in there to down content, not to get gear.

MH/(OH got barrel/hilt users) and Relics will be the biggest single boosts to a person.

Gear the dps until you are beating enrages and then gear the tanks, imo.

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08.19.2013 , 12:03 PM | #17
The most important consideration for gear is giving it to people that have good attendance (with the caveat that they need to be competent, as in you aren't going to swap them out for a more competent player frequently). We've had several Kell Dragon relic winners not showing up to raids, and that is worse than healers getting them.

Once you get past that, it's very important to know the loot, since not all class loot is created equal, even in the same role. Here's a very brief look at how the tokens break down from a BiS standpoint (assuming no crit), not getting into specific stats:

Bracer - All players
Relic - All players
Boots - Sniper, Marauder, Sorc Healer, All Tanks
Helm - All Warriors, Sorc Healer, All Tanks (sniper, pt dps has alacrity enhancement)
Offhand - All players

Belt - All players
Implant - All players (with the caveat that some ACs used Verpine over UW in the previous tier and may have more to gain)
Ear - All players (same as implant)
Gloves - Marauder, Sorc Healer (no tanks - all alacrity enhancements, snipers also alacrity)
Legs - All players except Sorc Heals
Mainhand - All players
Chest - All players except Sorc Heals

Giving these tokens to only these players should benefit the most from a BiS progression standpoint, but you do need to factor attendence and performance, as better players tend to use their new gear more efficiently. One more rule, 16man Tanks generally need to get more gear, same with 8man heals.
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08.19.2013 , 12:15 PM | #18
I think the dps have priority in most stances. but you have to remeber that if your dps out gear your tanks by alot they will take the agro from tanks easy making it much harder on the tanks and using more taunts wich could wipe the group if your tank doesnt have a taunt for the adds that come out or a tank swap etc...healers are all about the skill i would think...aslong as they are criting high i would save the gear for the tanks.....the way my guild does it is we start progression everyone rolls on teh item that drops...if you win a set bonus you cant roll on anymore set bonus items...ear implant offhand and mainhand still can roll on tho. when we finish that raid our raid leader writes down who got what and for the next raid people who didnt win a set bonus get priority no matter what they are (tank heal dps)

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08.19.2013 , 12:18 PM | #19
I'm not an expert on gear distribution, but gearing dps and having their numbers increase is a big deal. When my guild downed DG the first time, (post nerfs) it was shockingly easy because we ended phase 1 before second lightning field even hit. I think that would be an example of, having more dps ended up helping the healers needing to give out less heals due to no second lightning field, and tanks taking less damage by taking Heirad down quicker.

A post above that said they just roll everything minus main/off hand to me seems to make a lot of sense. Otherwise you could just distribute evenly, keep a chart of who has what, and hand it out evenly.
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