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New seeker droid setup!

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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07.31.2013 , 02:24 PM | #121
Quote: Originally Posted by da_jon View Post
My suggestion would be that each player can deplete the area, but then it is depleted for that player, for the entire day. Allowing each player a chance at each area, once per day.
This is a winning proposal; doing this alone would help offset the nerf the latest patch dropped on us players who like digging. I fully support this idea.

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07.31.2013 , 02:38 PM | #122
Quote: Originally Posted by AmberGreen View Post
Thanks so much for your replies and continued constructive feedback and interesting conversation about Seeker Droid! As I said in my post yesterday, the developers have been monitoring this thread and are actively looking at ways to address the way the Seeker Droid digsites work.

In a future update, we will be doing some maintenance to the Seeker Droid to address the issue of it sometimes malfunctioning and giving you undesirable loot. Please stay tuned for additional updates as we have more information for you.
Thanks Amber! Seems the change was most likely to halt BOT farming, but in the process you have alienated the user community that actually liked the Seeker Droid Missions. I tried a couple runs with my toon I'm leveling on Tat recently and the end result was pretty much what everyone described.

Didn't get any speeder parts, didn't even get ANY loot. I did manage to get one ARMOR, but it had me run back forth in a small area that seemed to have "Faulty" green indicator. Meaning it would point one direction and I would move 1-2 steps that way and then point me in the oppositte direction. When in reality the item was off to my right by 90 degrees. Very strange results.

I would love to do these missions, but the cost of consumable is crazy and the reward is no longer available. IE: The time invested is better running a FP's solo or farming dailies for CRED's instead.
Reference Link: Why not?
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07.31.2013 , 02:39 PM | #123
I just want to say I also wish the bind to legacy gear from seeker areas at least vendor sold for more credits. I have found 4 pairs of dread seed pants in the past 2 days, and it isn't worth selling them for 30 credits a piece. Even if I could trade they to a guildie it would be fine. Feels like a waste to vendor them though.

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07.31.2013 , 08:17 PM | #124
Quote: Originally Posted by Grue_Hunter View Post
Agreed - the seeker droid has now been ruined.
I would bet the devs mow their lawns with a bulldozer

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08.01.2013 , 01:39 AM | #125
spent 4 hours on tat today. I cycled between instances and the 3 digsites. before i could find mods that i could use to get mats, BoL armor that my alts could use..and greys I could sell that made me want to keep digging because it gave me a little boost. want to know what I found today?
JACK. well, i take that back...i found a grey that depleted a site and a deployment boost.
BW, I don't care what your reasons were. this was a great "treasure hunting" mini game. You screwed it up so bad. I didn't mind my seeker finding blue or green armor, because at least i could vendor those.
What we were making a few 100k an hour if we got lucky and that was bad? We do that on dailies!
I don't care if you made it so I can get speeder parts. I have one that I like...why would I want another? much less 2 more that I need to piece together?
revert it back. and fix the location ring. I have stopped doing this massive waste of time except for 1x a week on one toon for a few hours. And I am doing just to find a helm. If I find the dreadseed helm and it isn't improved...then it will be like space missions...another part of the game I don't bother with.
You pulled a Blizzard on this on BW..."fix it 'til it's broke."
Death to all whom oppose us!

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08.01.2013 , 04:47 AM | #126
Weighing up my own experience I think there are many truths in the posts here, but that there is a risk of "throwing the baby out with the bathwater". By that I mean that I do think there's some good in the changes from Bioware in that the "something interesting" is now more interesting. Is it interesting enough? That's another question, but it's better than what I have got before.

So here's how I view the effects of the new changes:

The Good
1. I am getting at least a lot more frequently speeder parts, and triangualtion of the interesting part is now easier without the disruption of the grey items. It's more foucsed digging and the speeder parts over time i still think will be more valuable then lots of grey items.

The Bad
1. Sites seem to be easier to deplete now, so you can at times really struggle to find a site on Tatooine to dig for your Dread seed armor, just because the sites have been depleted. That's no fun.
2. I guess for some, a source of income from selling junk items has disappeared - I am not sure if this is a game-breaking change, since there are so many mechanics to farm for credits, but it may have been a fun thing on the side of all the digging.
3. The loot table seems to struggle with proper randomness and hence there's a lot of exploiter repulsorlifts etc in my inventory at least, where as for as with most people (I think), pleasure speeder parts are missing. Distribution of speeder parts seems to be skewed either to periods of time (for 1 week it's only dropping item x, for the next week it's only dropping item y to "make the numbers" for the wanted statiscial drop rate) or skewed towards instances, people etc, such that one individual does not experience a good distribution, but across people parts are well distributed. Trading would of course solve this, but GTN is the best market-maker for any item, and these items are not GTNable.

Recommendation: (Net net I am overall in favor of the direction the changes but maybe with some new tweaks):
1. The treasure that depletes the site needs to be good. Not gray (a bug) nor boring crafting material
2. Finding the depleting item should be more difficult to keep the site open longer, allowing for searching for star forager/dreadseed armor. Maybe even get rid of depletion of sites, but rather give a warning that on entering the site, "the special treasure for this area has already been found" so we can still search for speeder parts or star forager parts.
3. Distribute randomness of drops better. (I think Bioware should look into the random roll tool they have - for example me an my guild were doing HM 55s "only" getting smuggler gear the whole time for about a week. I am mentioning that because I think it is a shared mechanic that is affecting this part of the game AND the rest of the game.
4. Make speeder parts GTNable. As mentioned earlier, this is a far better market-maker than the Trade or General chats, bring more buyers and sellers together and making price discovery easier.

My 2 cents in what ended up being a long post.

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08.01.2013 , 08:01 AM | #127
Quote: Originally Posted by Hassat-Hunter View Post
@ Da_jon; From what I know, once an area is depleted another area on the same planet opens up. It's not CD-based and there are no 2 areas similataniously active on a planet. Also it thus can never be there is no active site on a planet. So that works fine, unless they changed that too post-2.2.3.
Thank you for letting me know this, I had been planet/instance hopping every time after going to all 3 seeker areas and seeing 2/3 depleted then depleting the 3rd or watching the 3rd be depleted. Good to know that there is always a single instance up that you can seek in per planet.

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08.01.2013 , 09:46 AM | #128
Unless they changed it with the last patch, that's not how dig sites work at all... All 3 dig sites start out up when a new instance of a planet opens up, and once they are depleted they are down (for about 2 hours I think).

I've depleted plenty of planets and had to move on to another planet to continue digging. I've also stopped digging at some sites when it was taking too long to find anything good, and moved on to another site on the planet without having depleted the previous site. I've also been digging on planets with friends at 2 separate sites in the same instance at the same time - so dig sites are definitely not a one-at-a-time situation, and they definitely do work on some kind of respawn timer.


That said, since I'm posting here I'll throw in my opinion about the changes (first time in the forums... this seeker droid stuff is that big a deal to me lol) -

I've stopped digging since a couple days after the update, and would love to see things rolled back to how they were. Things seemed to be working just fine how they were.

I never had trouble finding stuff (have 5+ sets of each of the armors, 2 pleasure speeders, and have (and have sold a few of) the other 2 speeders. I wasn't getting rich off of it either - I'd make about enough to pay for my triangulation enhancers and then maybe have enough left over at the end of a day of digging to buy a cartel pack off the GTN. The one thing I was never able to dig up was a "Star Forager" title, and after the changes it just wasn't worth the time and credits to keep trying.

Triangulation enhancers, repairs to armor from having to fight the 54-55 mobs guarding/burrowed in dig sites, and travel to different planets (and taxis on planet) to dig all have costs and can no longer be supported by any reasonable amount of digging.

So I hope there's some happy medium (if not a complete rollback) that will make it worth digging again - it was a lot of fun and gave me something to do while waiting around between ops and HMs and was a great addition (and sometimes alternative) to the dailies "grind".

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08.01.2013 , 02:57 PM | #129
Of all the things Bioware could be fixing...they worry about people using the seeker droid to find piles of loot.

"face palm"

Like it matters THAT much what someone does with THEIR OWN seeker droid? How on earth does this effect anyone else? I really fail to see how this is even a factor in anything. Why is me setting for 2 hrs finding loot with my droid something to worry about? This is ridiculous.

Change your name to Nannyware. Seriously.

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08.01.2013 , 05:01 PM | #130
The seeker now gives two messages, and maybe always did, but we notice it every time now because the finds are far more infrequent.

For any armor piece, I have so far ALWAYS seen, "Your Seeker Droid Found Something Interesting...".
I also see that message for the item that depletes the area, which has only been Purple Secure Crate or a Pleasure Speeder so far in my experience.

For ANYTHING else, I so far have ALWAYS seen, "Your Seeker Droid Found Something..."
This is when it digs up anything from a gray item, to a seeker boost, to a blue secure crate or an Explorer/Exploiter part.

I actually prefer the "Found Something..." without the Interesting tacked on at the end because if it digs up a "chest graphic", I know it will be a speeder part.