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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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07.30.2013 , 03:13 AM | #611
Quote: Originally Posted by Zamppa View Post
I'm pretty sure that sentinel had to burn some serious *** money to medpacks while leveling if (s)he used them to recover also out of combat
I know! And think of the repair bills!

Edit: To be clear, I mean his own repair bills. Can you imagine what this guy pays while doing other content if he does this? His gear wasn't great, either; I checked it out after that conversation.

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07.30.2013 , 03:24 AM | #612
Quote: Originally Posted by DakhathKilrathi View Post
I know! And think of the repair bills!
and think of the children!!!

maybe he only knew it as 'rest' ability, not 'heal' one.
you could probably ask him to hit '=' (I think it's default rest bind?), or (as he was also sentinel) tell him name of ability to use.

after you work in IT deparment, and few offices where you are only person who knows anything more about computers then how to turn them on, you kinda learn how to deal with these situations.
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07.30.2013 , 03:44 AM | #613
Quote: Originally Posted by Atramar View Post
and think of the children!!!

maybe he only knew it as 'rest' ability, not 'heal' one.
you could probably ask him to hit '=' (I think it's default rest bind?), or (as he was also sentinel) tell him name of ability to use.

after you work in IT deparment, and few offices where you are only person who knows anything more about computers then how to turn them on, you kinda learn how to deal with these situations.
Funny you should mention that. I figured he probably had default keys set later on and told him to try that after a later fight. He did...

...and then never used the ability again.

I do work in IT. I also know at what point to stop trying because it's no longer worth it. I just kept the guy bubbled after that.

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07.30.2013 , 08:29 AM | #614
So I just had to share this,not from group finder..but still thought it would be good for a laugh:

I have recently come back to the game, and unfortunately the small guild of friends I ran with had stopped playing the game. So using the Double XP weekends I got my Merc up to 55 and figured eh what the hell I will do the lower end flash points later as I run Makeb and get use to playing him again.

So finally, I get almost a complete set of Basic gear and decided to go knock out False Emperor(normal mode). I get down to Ilum and and see a group forming, so I ask to join and get grouped with 2 guild members:a level 55 Sorc healer in full ultimate gear and a PT tank in gear decent gear, mostly the vendor stuff you get when just getting to 50. They explain this is the tanks first run through and she is new to tanking, done a few flashpoints but not enough to feel completely comfortable. I have no problem with and explain I am in the same boat...never done the Flash point either so will be fun to learn all together. they are nice as can be...and then our problem child shows up.

We decided to grab another who wanted to come for an easy run..with two level 55's and a healer way over geared it should be simple. So we get a sniper who wants to come along..I check his gear for the hell of it and see it is a mix of level 48 and 49 blues and greens. Well..any other day I would say we may have a problem, but with the group we have I figured what the hell. So the Sorc asked if the Sniper has done the flashpoint before, he says yes. Sorc explains that the tank and I have not and he will be explaining stuff as we go so the run may be a little longer, but not to bad..but all in all a easy run. Sniper says not a problem and runs into to start the flash point. So now the fun starts...

1) We get to Tregg and as the healer is explaining where the tank should stand the sniper goes running in and starts the fight. We all go *** and go to run after him..and the sniper positioned himself right on the edge of the bridge and off he went. We manage to get Tregg down with little effort but not how we wanted to start. Sniper comes back and we tell him not to go running ahead and starting fights until we are ready. No a word is said from him...

2) Surprisingly Jindo went well, mostly because the healer was making sure the starship missiles were not a problem.

3) A-14 and B-16...oh dear lord. The sniper for the life of us would not stop attacking the shielded droid...we kept saying in group to leave it alone and focus on the one that is not glowing blue. His response was "This is a trick, If you keep DPS on the shielded droid it will weaken it when the shield does drop.". Ummm...Okay....I just face palm and we knock out the droids. I did not see a difference in health from the his efforts on the shielded droid...neither did the others. I asked to confirm...I think I made him mad by doubting.

4) HK-51- Apparently he did not know that you can move from out of the way of the little red circles. Eventually the healer said screw it and just let the guy die after we explained twice to keep moving. We finish of HK and the sniper is going off on us in chat. He first starts with the Tank, that she is useless as a tank as she would not keep the random mobs around off him(talking about the the silvers and such when she was focused on the gold in front of her for the smalls mobs)and that the bosses still got shots on him. that there is no way he should have taken any damage if we had a good tank. Then he turns his attention to me..stating that I am doing way to much damage and I should have put on lesser gear to make up for the fact I am so high up, and that I should not even be there with them. Then comes the healer saying he should have done more to keep him alive and work on his healing skills. Yes, cause the two times you died were the healers fault...ok one was, but the first time not his fault and you were kinda at fault for the second for not moving out of the red circles. We never went below 90% health at anytime during the flash point.

The sniper finishes his rant with we are all trash and he is putting us all on his ignore list, and he will make sure all his friends do the same, All we say is "bye" and he rage quits. We carry on with the flash point finishing it with no further problems. I have done a few low level flash points to help people out..this was the first time I have ever been yelled at for being over geared and over leveled for a flash point from a person who knew this group was there to help newer players get use to the flash point and get a better handle on tanking.

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07.30.2013 , 09:47 AM | #615
Quote: Originally Posted by ZentheSecond View Post
Just another day and another hm 55 flashpoint, or was it?

Got in with a PT tank, Merc Dps, Op healer and myself PT Dps. I zone in say my hello and get down the hole alongside the tank for Athiss. Merc immediately comes out with the remark of "oh a PT Dps......great..." Now I know the forum talk about PT Dps being bad and this guy did to as the next comment out of him was "looks like we'll be skipping the bonus boss". Now I had done my customary look over gear before the first pull and no one was under geared. I did not make a comment, I only grinned as I watched the all to familiar bubble of gaurd appear around me. With which I replied to the Merc; "It seems the tank disagrees with your thought on PT Dps being bad. Looky who got the guard"

During every fight I managed to pull aggro to (to no fault of the tank I had him out geared with four piece and underworld off and Main hands). The Merc was rather silent and I just smiled to myself. Merc never pulled once nor used his dump, while mine was always on cd during boss fights.

Score one for the underpowered Dps.
Moments like this make it almost worth it to lose the ability to top charts with 4 buttons.

Pullin' agro through guard like it ain't no thang.
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07.30.2013 , 11:00 AM | #616
Gather round Ladies and Gents. Hear the story of the Tank that could not be satisfied.

Started off normal enough, Foundry SM que pop for my marauder who was at the very last lvl you could que for it. He gets matched with a Sin tank, Merc healer, and Sniper Dps if my memory serves me well enough. We all zone in customary "hello" or some form of it goes out. I did not check the gear of the tank while we waited for the sniper (he was mid combat when the que was accepted by all). Might have helped me if I did, as my marauder at the te was fully decked out in up to date planetary comm modded orange gear, so my Dps was way more then fine for a SM Foundry. Everyone gets in and we begin, within a few seconds of the beginning pulls I draw aggro and the magic gaurd bubble appears around me. No surprise there. We continued on and I kept pulling aggro without trying to through the gaurd... Tank gets annoyed and tells me to stop it, so my idea of stopping was to actually wait a few GCDs before jumping in. Worked great until right before that skip able boss on the stairs before your first convo with Rev. Here the tank decides to yell at me again, apparently he thought I was now being a jerk not jumping right away like the other Dps was. So I did as he asked, when he speed in and hit the robot with shock I charged in and started my single target rotation gore and ravage. Halfway through ravage the boss turned to me and started attacking, tank taunted off. And once the taunt wore off the droid was back on me, after having used my aggro dump the first time...

After that fight the tank yelled at me called me a pain in the *** Dps and tried to kick me. The vote failed and after some fuming we moved on, I returned to my "wait a few before going in" pattern. Before HK the tank made more annoyed comments about me not jumping in with'em I paid him no mind and down went HK. A second vote kick was started on me by the tank, it failed and the healer said to the group (mainly the tank); "it is a hell of a lot easier to heal one person then two when they are fighting for boss aggro". I saw it for what it was the healer making the subtle statement that this was becoming annoying with the tank being annoying as hell. Finally we get to Rev and the tank refuses to start it and continues to rant about me.. Finally having enough the healer vote kicks the tank, much to his surprise (oh man I never laughed so hard as when he realized he was the kick target). The sniper pulled out Kayilo and went went on to finish the FP....

We All had a good laugh about how much less drama was in chat once the tank was replaced with Kayilo.

Edit: @Olos hell yeah, pulling boss threat and dying in an Operation through a gaurd is quite amusing the first time..: I have a story about Kephy in TfB and my PT. Short story actually so I will add it here for comic value;

Perfect Storm

Guild run of TfB SM via GF on my PT Dps, with a jugg tank and a Sin tank. Got to Kephy and the perfect storm of procs brought me to death. Rapid shots, which ignited Kephess and procced my SA relic. Followed by a rail shot crit, with a rocket punch crit afterwards, and wrapped up with a rail shot crit... Kephess was not happy, turned from the jugg tank and proceeded to eat me in about four hits.
All that, through a gaurd and an aggro dump after I saw the rocket punch crit. Perfect Storm of procs and I was one dead PT...

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07.30.2013 , 12:00 PM | #617
Who said anything about dying? Lol. I've long ago developed fast reflexes on reactive shield, medpack and the ****** heal thing.

I open every fight with RB - pop cooldowns- RS - FB(proc and cylinder dot) - RS - 3stack FT. Usually pop threat reduction right before or after FT. No problems with threat in guild runs, but it's fun in pugs.
Olos - 55 Hybrid Powertech
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Previously Fonia and Daygoru of Tempest server in SWG.

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07.30.2013 , 06:06 PM | #618
Quote: Originally Posted by OlosBC View Post
Who said anything about dying? Lol. I've long ago developed fast reflexes on reactive shield, medpack and the ****** heal thing.

I open every fight with RB - pop cooldowns- RS - FB(proc and cylinder dot) - RS - 3stack FT. Usually pop threat reduction right before or after FT. No problems with threat in guild runs, but it's fun in pugs.
My guild now requires me to call out if I get a proc in the opening of a boss fight...
So one of our Jugg tanks can use intercede on me...

It only took us once or twice derping through Writhing Horror to realize I needed help not pulling off that proc in my opening.

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07.30.2013 , 08:24 PM | #619
I love reading your stories and though I hardly ever post on the forums I couldn't resist. Here's the story on my latest TFB SM run.

Me on my PT Tank and a guildie on his Merc Healer decide to go nuts and q for a SM Ops. 10 seconds later we get TFB pop up. Accept, look at the gear, there's one sorc with 25k, the rest is all roughly 30k, other Jug tank's even got 37k. Could be better, but could be hell of a lot worse. After the general introductions and 'do we know what to do', we find there's two new people. The 25k dps and the 2nd healer. Again, could be worse.

1st boss, nothing special, Jug's on the boss, I'm on Male duty, boss goes down without too much effort.

On our way to the 2nd boss I start noticing a trend. I'm tanking all the adds while the Jug... well. After doing the three hypergates, I tell him in chat that's he's welcome to help out on the adds. "ok". He helps out on the little critters in the tunnel, by aoe taunting them after my taunt's gone (so perhaps he does know what he's doing?) but on the next sets of adds, I'm having to do all the tanking again. By this point I'm getting annoyed and ask my guildy if he can keep an eye on the Jug to see what he's doing. As I thought, standard newbie DPS behavior, jumping in, hitting random stuff, no taunting, no guarding, just hitting.

2nd boss, we mark em up and explain tactics to the new guys.
Me : "I'll start on Kel'Sara, swap on 5?" (I know there's no need to swap on SM, but practice for HM)
Jug: "ok"
We do a ready check, everybody's ready, so we pull. I use Death from Above and Taunt Kel'Sara away, while DPS goes nuts on Heirad. But the Jug's still in DPS mode, so he leaps on Heirad, while I have both Ciphas and Kel'Sara on me. I start kiting them around, while asking him to taunt one of them. He doesn't. Ciphas starts Surging Chain, I tell him to taunt Kel'Sara and I leap on Ciphas. By this point I have my guildy shouting in my ear, complaining about the other healer "I don't think this healer is healing". But I got more important things on my mind, after breaking the Surging Chain, I still have them both on me. I scream for a taunt, unfortunately he picks the wrong one, leaving me with Kel'Sara. But since it's storymode and better than nothing, I'll take it.
Heirad goes down (eventually), dps moves on to Ciphas (eventually), green pools start spawning. Somehow we end up swapping bosses with me on Ciphas, him on Kel'Sara. As soon as I see the Jug's on 5 or 6 stacks, I charge and taunt. But I should've known better, now I'm tanking them both again. And what does our friend the Jug do... even though he's not doomed, he starts running through the green circles. Miraculously the doomed DPS beats him to 2 of them and lives. Ciphas goes down, I drop threat, dumping Kel'Sara on the Jug. Now I finally have time to look around. I'm trying to find the other healer since in all this time I haven't seen his name pop up once. Took me a little while to find him, he was still standing up top, behind the forcefield... When I tell my guildy all he can do is laugh. "Well, at least we know how good a healer I am then".
We make it through without a wipe, my guildy gets remarks on his excellent healing. I whisper the Jug that he really should use his taunt "I was! I was trying to get him off you!".... sure.

On our way to Operator, it's back to the original trend, I'm tanking all the adds while mr Jug starts attacking the cores. *sigh* but fine, no deaths.

3rd boss, after a long discussion about tactics we give it a shot. But even though I told him it was our job to keep the adds of the healers and channelers, our friend the jug happily ignores all the adds (including the first 2 largers droids) and goes for the cores. I think "ok, fine, I can do this bit solo anyways".
Blue phase; allright, not good but we managed. Orange good. Purple.. our friend the Jug runs around like a headless chicken trying to find a console to click. We fail purple, big add spawns. "Everybody on the big add, then cores again", everybody does, apart from our friend, he just keeps channeling away. DPS was slow, we fail purple again, big add spawns, we call a wipe.
Sigh, count to ten, **** happens. "Allright, now we've seen the fight, faster on the channeling, faster on the cores and it's fine."
2nd try, blue and orange went allright, purple was slow (because the 25k dps who was supposed to be in the middle decides to run out and help on the cores, even though he was told to stay in the circle), big add, wipe.
3rd try, blue and orange and even purple went allright, ofcourse I'm still soloing the adds. But then it's yellow (my turn to channel) the big add spawns and goes straight for my yellow partner. "Taunt the add". No reply, tank's doing dps on the cores. "TAUNT THE ADD!" (who has now reached my partner), still nothing. I can only sit by while the droid knocks my partner out of the circle, raising the shields. It is only then the jug comes running back mid, and starts attacking the add. Partner goes back in middle, I channel. But since the Jug didn't actually TAUNT the add, as soon as my partner starts getting some nice crits on it, it's coming for him again, knocking him out of the circle a second time. By now me and my guildy have had enough (and it was getting close to guild-raid-time) and leave the group. As soon as I loaded the fleet again, I whisper one of the DPS, who was helping out with explaining tactics and all, to apologize for leaving, and explain the other tank's behaviour, but he's allready offline.

I catch him later that same evening and we share a few laughs and come to the conclusion "There's always one..."

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07.30.2013 , 10:43 PM | #620
Speaking of TFB SM runs, there are a few stories I've been a part of.

I'd just transferred my merc to Harby and was part of a TFB that went bad from the beginning. One of the 'tanks' (I use that term very loosely) didn't have a clue what s/he was doing, wondered if s/he was a tank and when something went wrong, fell on the excuses of 'I'm a girl!' and 'I'm a blonde, cut me some slack!'. Another didn't have the first idea what a channel was. The group fell apart after the 3rd or so try on Operator IX (we started on him).

Much later, on the same merc, I was doing a run with a guild for the weekly. We hit trouble at Operator IX (again) when the offtank refused to taunt anything and instead tried attacking the hologram in the middle of the room. Shields went down only to go up when they hit the guy channeling. Despite repeated calls for the offtank to get into ventrilo, he refused, and after the third try we kicked him and found a far more competent offtank.