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majority of crew skills are utterly worthless

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majority of crew skills are utterly worthless


07.18.2013 , 11:28 AM | #21
I do not think the problem is with the crafting skills because level appropriate crafted greens are better than any quest reward. The problem lies in the fact that unless you run missions to get materials (near to the point of poverty) you are unable to get the materials needed to make level appropriate gear; if you depend on gathering materials from nodes, by the time you have enough to craft something you are already two levels above its requirement and quest reward gear is better.
Maybe crafted is a better level comparison for normal solo area green loot but not flashpoints and heroics and its not really enough of a stat benefit in the time and cost taken of collecting the metals to keep you ahead of the game because you just level far too quick. Its just to easy cost free to upgrade as you go along with looted gear, players will always tend to take the easy option. I guess it a bit more useful when your sending your crafts down to your lower levels but again not strictly a great benefit with all the loot about.

The demand for moddable gear is certainly much more than standard green and blues. The recent change
Un-binding the planatary comms from individual planets has benefited you going moddable but means standard gear is pretty much trash for the most part, maybe earpieces and implants aside. Bioware has done this to encourage people to spend cash on getting cartel coins for adapative gear.

Are there too many side quest's making it too easy to overlevel?, Personally speaking I think so yes (They certainly dish far too many of these XP boosts in quest rewards) That is a very subjective point though and it something that is difficult to get the balance right with some players preferring to do all quests some less so. Alot of players just see leveling as a means to a end and play for the end game , but some like leveling up and the story and see that as the main par and challenge of the game and not raiding for gear end game. In my book we should try and make leveling a bit more challenging overall as to not overlevel.

How do you you adjust this not sure but I think one clever option would be to give the player a option to make quests adaptive in that once the level of the quest goes green that it non longer shows as possible quest on your map. Keep this as a option in preferences. I know you would just say you can do this yourself in a sense by abandoning green missions, but I think I am like many players get drawn into to doing what is on offer and end up doing green just because its there, it feels like your missing something if you don't. If its made not available you not aware of these sub level quests do don't miss it so to speak.

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07.19.2013 , 01:06 PM | #22
While I don't agree with the OP's statement that Crafting Skills are useless, I do agree that they're not quite as useful as they could be. My take on each:

Armstech/Artifice - These skills are supposed to be about making your own weapons. However, with the Planetary Comm system these skills are entirely useless for that purpose. Every class is given an Orange-rarity weapon at the end of their Class Quests on their starting planet, or near that point. This weapon may not be pretty, but it is functional, and will do the job just fine if you keep it's modifications upgraded. This renders both skills useless for their intended purpose. That's not to say that they're completely useless; Armstech allows the creation of Barrel modifications and Augments, while Artifice allows the creation of any off-hand item that isn't a Blaster, as well as Color Crystals, Hilts, and even Enhancements. Still, for their stated purpose, these skills are lacking.

Armormech/Synthweaving - Given how easy it is to unlock a set of Adaptive Armor for every character you create, these skills lose a lot. It's often far easier to just grab a set of Adaptive Armor and upgrade it's mods than it is to use Armormech or Synthweaving to keep your armor upgraded. As with Armstech and Artifice, these skills aren't completely useless; both allow you to craft Augments, but for the most part, these fall by the wayside. The only way these skills would retain their usefulness is if you don't (or can't) use Cartel Market items. If you instead rely on drops and mission rewards, these skills raise in value, though there are still Flashpoints to keep you stocked in Orange gear if you go that route.

Biochem - Honestly, I think this may be one of the better crafting skills. Possibly the best. Biochem allows you to make Medpacs and Stims, which allow you to boost pretty much every aspect of your character. Medpacs are no longer a finite resource, so you can use them when you need them because you can always create more. Stims can boost your offense and your defense, and like Medpacs, you can always make more of the ones you use. This is probably the only Crafting skill that hasn't been affected by the rise of the Cartel Market.

Cybertech - For those using Adaptive Armor, Cybertech has risen in prominence. Because the preferred method for gearing yourself now tends to be Adaptive Armor, Cybertech can allow you to keep your armor kitted much more easily. Instead of the 95 Planetary Comms it would take to fully gear out your Player Character, it would now only take 17. That number jumps up to 24 if you're using a class that wields two weapons (Sentinel or Gunslinger, or their Imperial equivalents (haven't messed with the Imperial side, so I'm not quite up to snuff on them)). This makes Cybertech a very attractive option for Leveling, at the very least.

That's just my take, though. I'm still feeling new, so I may have missed or misunderstood something. Primarily, though, I see the Weapon and Armor skills being hit the hardest by the introduction of the Cartel Market.

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07.19.2013 , 05:53 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Kratier View Post
i think its pretty bad when most of the crafting is subverted by the planet comm system.

why take cybertech at all? just buy the mods with comms.
cybertech actually produces better mods and more options than planetary comms, and you can make ear pieces. biochem can make implants. both of which are pretty rare from planetary vendors and never nearly as good. these two professions are also extremely useful in pvp for producing reusable stims and grenades. compare that to the pathetic utility of armormech or synthweaving, which are NOTHING more than augment and aug kit factories. the only reason to ever make a piece of armor is to RE it for mats. pathetic. artifice and armstech are somewhere between the first two and worst two.
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