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Speeder Question

WlisonAeisse's Avatar

07.18.2013 , 05:38 PM | #1
I recently bought a speeder on the GTN, but found a cheaper one that I liked more for sale on Taris. So, I made a compulse buy, so now I have two speeders that are bound to me. Found out that I can't sell it and it's not in my inventory, only in my abilities.
Is there any way to get rid of it? Mail it to another character, destroy it, anything? I just don't like it there because I don't like to have things that I don't use.

cabled's Avatar

07.18.2013 , 06:29 PM | #2
afaik no. but since you dont see it in your inventory, why does it bother you so much? does remove it from your quickbars
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Slightrider's Avatar

07.19.2013 , 10:14 AM | #3
lol, i have like 15+ speeders. use all of them I do.

and no, afaik there is no way to delete it from your abilities
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