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Multicolor Opsframes

alpatalik's Avatar

07.16.2013 , 11:50 AM | #1
I was considering whether the addition of multicolor opsframes can be added to game during the "quality of life" updates:

we have been discussing this on reddit ( and people came up with following:

"I wouldn't mind this as a feature on my healer. But only if I can assign my own colors and it doesn't affect anyone else's UI. On any of my DPS toons it would be quite annoying to have the different colors though."
"either generic coloring for classes and then for advanced classes or ops leader can choose to color each role differently."
"Or even just the heal/tank/dps tags would be nice. We have them in flashpoints, why not in raid frames?"
"This would be a nice option to have for ops in the sense of the color changes as health gets lower, much easier to know who needs heals"
"Any implementation of this (ops leader/lt doing it for the raid, automatic by role, personal colorization only) would be a great quality of life improvement.
I think I remember reading that some quality of life patches are forth coming this fall? This would be a neat addition."
Please post on this thread if you support this and how anything to add.

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07.16.2013 , 12:11 PM | #2
As someone who does quite a bit of raid-healing..... wow, the headaches I would have!

I can't see what this would benefit..... Arranging raid frames to group healers/tanks/dps isn't really that difficult, and any person of average intelligence should be able to follow it pretty easily. And watching a health bar, regardless of it's color, is not all that difficult either. It's either full or not full. What would the colors represent? A dps at 50% HP is not as much of a crisis as a Tank at 50% HP, since he could get one-shotted by a frontal/cleave, so if it was milestone color changes, it would be to be different by role, and how would you assign that, for classes that can both tank and dps? I guess it could be done at the beginning of a raid by the healer on his own UI (as you listed)... but I still don't see what sort of benefit it would add.

A rainbow of color on my ops frame? That option would get shutoff immediately.
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