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New raid idea's

SobyBomb's Avatar

07.12.2013 , 12:43 AM | #1
Since all these new raids are coming out I started thinking what raid I would like to see. What came to my mind was a hoth raid featuring the at-at and at-st bosses and such. All bosses and mechanics will be written later. I will be putting in a taste of the final boss in here though. The final boss would be the Wampa ill come up with a name . He will plant your feet in the ground for stage one and do not work until unfrozen. The people stuck will have a DoT on them slowly killing them so the one man will have to hurry explained in next sentence. The Wampa will attack 1 person. The one person under attack will be able to move and have to move to the other side of the cavern and use the control panel to melt ice unfreezing everybody and their weapons you'll be frozen again after 12 seconds. How ever the one person will be taking the effect of chilling which will increases in damage over time unless you melt the ice. the wampa during the time of melting will take 25% more damage.but he will attack random people with the pound attack which he rains down blows on the person he is attacking doing lots of damage.After 12 seconds he will redo phase 1 control panel.When he gets to about 75% He will go into phase 2. More will be added soon. Also post what you would want in the hoth raid. You can also put in what raids you want to see.

uniz's Avatar

07.12.2013 , 09:08 AM | #2
baby tauntaun adds that do absolutely no damage to you but just swarm one raid member repeatedly knocking him over licking him and preventing any casting. all of them saying momma. then when said player gets attacked by the raid mob they go swarm the raid mob doing high damage. this can be how damage can only be done in one phase. of course they need to either be respawned or have a side area where you go get them.

now that would be funny.

Eastiano's Avatar

07.12.2013 , 03:22 PM | #3
I would like to see a raid featuring Abeloth as she is considered to be the most powerful force user, also she is around over a huge time period (a million years I think) so would be cool!

Also would love to see a raid on dathomir against the rancors, apparently they used to be semi-sentient so would be cool to see that, maybe a force wielding Rancor ftw! =D