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Makeb: A City Held Hostage

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07.09.2013 , 06:54 PM | #1
So, I did a search for this issue, and found 2 threads. One was about the tank that spawns being OP, the other was about a bug with the terminal "You can't use this right now."

Well, I cannot use the terminal. The other thread said to change instances to resolve this issue. Which to be fair, I would in a heartbeat, no question. Except, I cannot do that. Unfortunately, there is no option to switch instances. Yes, I know how to switch instances - there is only one instance available since the option to switch isn't even on my map. Also, I have attempted this mission several times on different days. I cannot switch instances, and I cannot interact with the terminal.

So... now what? Is this a dead quest until it's fixed or is there some other way to jury rig this into working?
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07.09.2013 , 11:40 PM | #2
It is bugged when someone on the quest activated the console but didn't kill the tank/complete the quest. There is no timeout to reset the console. Similar to the old bug of the Ilum daily Defend The Shipment.

A workaround is to do the quest asap after server maintenance and hope that no one bugs it before you get there.