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BUG: The shy mail droid

Rhesus_TOR's Avatar

07.09.2013 , 11:08 AM | #1
It seems there are a number of places of late where my mail droids refuse to spawn when summoned. The buff shows on my character and counts down correctly and the ability gets a 15 minute cooldown, but the droid does not summon, even while the buff is still active and even if phase changes occur while the buff is still active.

The problem seems to happen more often when I'm not standing on perfectly flat ground in a nice wide open space but then again, it also happens sometimes for no good reason, like inside the Alderaan spaceport hangar instance for my Sith warrior.

This problem happens without any warning, with and without an active companion, both inside and outside of instances, in game-designated safe areas, in or outside of 4-person groups and operations groups of various sizes.

Why, since 2.0, have all of my mail droids become so shy?