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Priority Containment Daily bug

Livestoned's Avatar

07.08.2013 , 03:09 PM | #1
So I was just finishing up my daily when I suddenly got teleported (bug while fighting) to the other side of the containment section without opening the door first. I couldnt get out and the dread guard captain aggro'd me, so I killed him. I was able to use the teleporter to go back outside. The problem now is that I am supposed to kill him but cant, cause he is already dead and the mission tracker is not picking it up. What should I do? I cant reset it for some reason.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Figured it out... im a retard

Hassat-Hunter's Avatar

07.09.2013 , 10:26 AM | #2
No point making a new thread with this one's title fitting perfectly.

Is BW ever going to fix how hard this instance is to do with 3 or 4 people? Every time we tried some people's quest doesn't update, and in the end we generally have to disband, do it solo, then regroup at the end.
Trying various ways of resetting quest/phase doesn't work, and if we try to reteam after entering and updating the goal we get a 'phase error' message not allowing joining either.
Very frustrating.