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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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07.07.2013 , 10:23 PM | #491

I'm the tank (Vanguard), sorc and sent as dps, commando heals. We say our hellos, and off we go to the door. I notice I'm the only one buffed, so I hit my buff. This was my first hint.

First batch by the door is of course a couple of strong mobs, some weak trash and the one square boss patrol droid. I mark it, start to type for it to get cc'd...and the sent goes hurtling across the area to attack it. I quickly understand he's one of those most horrible of pug players: the tank reincarnated as a dps but can't accept his new station in life. We eventually kill the first batch. He charges ever onward. I noticed that I wasn't getting much in the way of heals during the fight, and I see our healer still has plasma canister on. I'm halfway through telling him to turn it off, but Mr. Sent has discovered the next batch of trash mobs and gone plowing in. As I watch his health bar shrink to nothing, I ask him if he knows I'm the tank. No reply. He respawns, goes sailing across the area to another square boss droid. Sorc knocks it off the ledge. Sent leaps over after it. After we're done laughing, I finally get the healer's attention and get him to turn off plasma cell. After more persuasion, he turns on crew support cell. Next bunch of mobs. Sent of course leaps into the fray far ahead of me. I'm getting really sick of pulling things off him by now, so I attack something else and let him die again. I also notice that the quantity of heals isn't increasing, and I'm running low on medpacs by now. After taking a deep breath, I explain that in commando/merc heals, you alternate the heat-building major heals with the basic attack heat-dropping minor heals. Next batch of mobs which the sent thoughtfully pulls from across the room: commando's only using basic attack heals. We're still dying. I'm still asking the sent why he didn't queue as a tank and why he's pulling every batch of trash mobs. He responds something to the effect of: "For the exp!! Duuhhh!!!!"

Bye. I leave the group.

Five times in the re-queue, his name comes up. Not happening.

Finally get a different group. I'm allowed to tank, the healer knows how to heal, and the dps attack the things I attack. I've never finished Cadminu faster than with that second group.
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07.08.2013 , 01:25 AM | #492
Sorc? What is that short for? Sorcerer? How could a Sorcerer be playing in a Republic group?

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07.08.2013 , 02:36 AM | #493
had a group of 2 sins (tank and dps), my dps (yea, I swapped back to dps) merc and sorc healer.
think their religion was to use overload when ever I placed my aoe Death from above... when ever fight stared, when they did not start with overload I placed my DFAB... and then they scattered mobs all around. it was foundry SM.

1 guy was spamming 'space please, hit space bar, skip convo pliz' (healer)
2nd guy was going 'let's do this quick, I have not much time' (tank)
but none of them really held fast pace..

on cademinu our tank didn't notice big droid heading his way and go sapped (3 times total - he got sapped, droid goes for healer or me, he taunts, leaps, gets sapped, repeat), second dps started fight on place where cage spawns (in his defense, he could not know it, and I didn't tell him just for siths and giggles).
long story short, I found out that if you kill a guy on that encounter, droid dies

last but not least, had horrible expierience with Maelstorm prison on my shadow dps, was grouped with sentinel and vanguard tank. guys had religion not to stop. as soon as we finish pack, didn't even stop to pick up drops, they would jump to next pack ASAP (and sometimes different directions) which made it hard for non jumping, needing stealth to regen force and stuff shadow, nto to mention to the poor sage healer who had to keep those 2 alive.. but it went smooth more or less. atleast I didn't die... ofc sentinel refused to attack weak mobs, probably he's pro rotation was far to pro for standard and weak mobs, but that didn't bother me much, as I could go thro standard mobs with 3 hits before they turn back on me and then I had finisher... so didn't take much damage.

as for pvp equivilant of this thread, well... here we too complain about muppets, so it would be pretty much same complaining or making fun of people who don't know what to do....
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07.08.2013 , 03:51 AM | #494
"I wonder what this button does?"

It turns off the light bridge we just spent five minutes trying to switch on, my friend, sending your three companions and the massive droid they are fighting to horrible deaths in the green goo far below.

Actually this person was a fellow guildie, not one of the random people we picked up to do this, and it was the high point of the day. I haven't laughed so much in ages.

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07.08.2013 , 04:18 AM | #495
yesterday I was healing on my commando for the first time in Hammer station, I've done this flashpoint dozens of times and this is not the first healer I've played, but I've never played commando before. I get into a flashpoint and all goes well, mostly, one of the dps's is killing everything in sight, I heal, tank does a great job tanking and the other dps is doing his job. they get fed up when he refuses to come to the first boss and is saying "kill everything" and "double exp, kill everything!" they kick him (he calls us girls), we get a replacement and all goes well.

I que again for hammer sation, him again, I think, ok, sure, why not, we wipe on the third trash mob, tank leaves, before we get a replacement the bad dps pulls again, we wipe, finaly a replacement tank.... the dps pulls early, we wipe. by now I'm fed up and I type in chat: "Sorry, not doing this, I draw the line at 3 deaths" this being a lowbie flashpoint where I've hardly ever wiped, the dps calls me a ****** and a **** healer just before I leave the group I whisper to him "Your comment is not appreciated, you will be ignored'' and ignore him

seeing that it's double exp, I reque, get hammer station, and I promptly say in chat "I Sincerely hope this group is better that my last one"... it most certainly was, despite not being able to do the shortcut, it was one of the better pug's I've played with. At the end of the FP I hesitantly ask: "I'm not a **** healer, am I?" I'm not that confident in my ability's and get the reply "you were an excellent healer", satisfied that I did my job well I wish everyone good hunting and leave the group.

[I have only 2 ppl on my ignore list at most, but I made sure to put that bad dps on the ignore list of all my (11) characters (it is not something I do lightly, or often)]
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07.08.2013 , 04:28 AM | #496
reminded me of one funny situation. it was republic D7, was on my scoundrel healer, big droid boss with consoles and 2 repair droids who spawn. I said 'I will cc right' - tank said 'why cc, just kill', I replied 'well, cc is faster and they dissapear on re-spawn'
long story short, we destroy consoles, droid spawns I cc my right, tank shadow pulls him and leave him to repair console while dps are strugling to kill other one... droid repaired console and tank said in /p 'I though u cc'd it'
I loled , another spawn I cc, shadow pulls...
this goes on...
on last boss, tank and dps are ignoring small turrets and cores, my poor healer had to kill those...

as it was guys from same guild, I knew if I say anything I would get a kick, so stayed silent.
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Not reading colored text, it hurts my eyes. Sorry (unless it's a dev post)
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07.08.2013 , 04:38 AM | #497
Quote: Originally Posted by Tachenko_Yuri View Post
Gunslinger asking me, another gunslinger, why am I needing on cunning items.
Epic !

Quote: Originally Posted by Isaacone View Post
This is not so much of someone who doesnt know how to play but someone who has no sense of humor. So the other day I was in Hammerstation Hm after the boss fight right after the bonus boss fight. On the item roll was a blaster pistol and I made a joke about ninja looting. I said something "what a nice blaster pistol that I cant even use since im a sniper, I think I'll need it" I passed on it. and the three others who were all sith kicked me. When I said it was a joke they were like we dont care.
So not only are there people who dont know how to play there are also people who take this game to seriously and hace no sense of humor
Funny, they didn't even noticed that you passed on it ?

Quote: Originally Posted by PLynkes View Post
Sorc? What is that short for? Sorcerer? How could a Sorcerer be playing in a Republic group?
Possibly meant the mirror class ?

Everyone's writing imperial names here (mostly), and they don't care whether actually the Republic mirror class is meant. I see this behaviour very often. They use imperial names and define them as a kind of "default name" for BOTH the imperial class AND the republic class.

I often see this in the German-language sister-thread of this one here as well.

I'm rather disturbed by the fact that no-one here bothered to answer your question.
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07.08.2013 , 07:23 AM | #498
I've only ever had one truly terrible experience with a PUG.

I was a Scoundrel Healer and the group finder set me up with the Athiss flashpoint.

The "Tank" was a Shadow. I say "Tank" as although he was queued as a Tank he was neither geared or behaving like one. Issues were as follows:

1. He was in a mix up cunning and strength gear
2. He was using a single saber (Strength based)
3. He stood for up to 2 minutes in front of a mob before finally pulling
4. When he did engage he just used the basic melee attacks then ran off leaving the DPS and me to deal with them

I asked him nicely if he knew the mechanics of the game i.e. Trinity system and if he had meant to queue as a Tank. There was no response for about a minute when he came back with, and I kid not:

"LOL I'm a jedi, not sure what game you think you're in..........DUH.....what tanks be Star WarsLOL"

I laughed so hard I actually cried.
Quote: Originally Posted by wishingwell View Post

...managing to kill Ortol with a nut-kick was strangely satisfying.

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07.08.2013 , 07:54 AM | #499
Quote: Originally Posted by -Davarian- View Post
"LOL I'm a jedi, not sure what game you think you're in..........DUH.....what tanks be Star WarsLOL"

I laughed so hard I actually cried.
Lol, one of the best yet without a doubt.
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07.08.2013 , 12:34 PM | #500
Finally hit 50 on my Commando (first one) and decided to try to finish leveling my Sentinel with double XP weekends almost ending. I just had a Warzone XP Boost wear off so I decided to use a FP XP Boost and try to run a few FPs. After running missions on Belsavis for about 20 minutes I get a queue to pop. Maelstrom Prison, one of my favorite FPs.

Make is: Shadow Tank, Sage Healer and Guardian DPS.

Before the first pull I ask if we are doing bonuses (moar XP right!) Tank says "No!" So whatever.

First pull, I see the Tank leading off with FiB. Force-in-freaking-balance folks. That's right, our tank is in Balance spec. So I asked him, are you in Balance spec trying to tank? He says I'll be back in a minute. I'm thinking, oh good, he's gonna respec.

2nd pull, he leads off with FiB AGAIN! I'm like whatever, if healer has no issues with it and can heal him thru it, no problems. Except, it becomes obvious he can't because the tank is super squishy and dies a few times. I end up "tanking" on my Sentinel when the Shadow dies and actually pull a few mobs myself waiting for him to run back to us after re-spawning.

After his 4th or 5th death he does the right thing and leaves the group. I ask them to add us to queue and I pull out trusty T7 and we get through the first 2 Bosses of the FP with no issues at all. In fact, I think the healer found it easier to heal T7 than the Shadow. They even commented that he tanked better than the Shadow (I did just gear him for my 1st fight

Anyway, right before Kilran, Guardian quits and me and healer with our companions push our way thru the mobs and finally get a DPS and healer a few doors before Kilran. This tank, comes in and does his job. No issues, I'm not longer 'tanking' and the only death was healer who did not realize you have to run up the sides when facing Kilran.
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