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Imperial rank insignia ideas, discussion, ect.

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Imperial rank insignia ideas, discussion, ect.

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07.08.2013 , 03:34 AM | #1
As you all know the Imperial officers seem to have a large array of different rank insignias with no clear order to it. For those of you who may not know what I am referring to it is the little square blue/red boxes on the right side of the officer’s uniforms. These can be arranged in single or double columns and include red, blue and amber squares. While not well defined in the original movies, it has been widely accepted that the more squares the higher ranking. The problem with a lot of the Imperial officer NPCs is they don't seem to follow this. I can only think of 3 explanations for this:

A. (most likely) as with a lot of other RPGs, military rank and the uniforms assigned them are often overlooked and not a major concern when developing the game.

B. There is a more complex way of displaying the rank. Example, single row looks less like a pin and more of a patch, maybe it is like the US military were you can either wear a warfare pin or a patch. It could also be that in combat or utility, insignias are smaller than their "pin" counter part.

C. (came up with this new approach when looking at it) Maybe it is not a rank insignia at all. It could be a form just ribbons like ones worn on military service/dress uniforms.

Any way any thought on the issue, my explanations, or the imperial rank insignia in general?