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DPS Leaderboard 2.0+

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07.04.2013 , 01:45 AM | #601
Quote: Originally Posted by paowee View Post
that was in the previous tier like before makeb hit. Thorric is especially high up there in HM Dread Guard Council with DFA on cooldown on all three bosses.
Ahhh, ok, that makes sense. Keep in mind, 95% of the top VG's were assault in 1.7 and before. As I was looking for Thoric's parses, I noticed he just recently tried full assault out and hit high 2700's on the dummy today (if you crop the end)... While 2/22/22 allows higher dummy parses, I am not convinced it would beat out assault by the same margin on most encounters.

I don't want to get off base here - I think VG's are awesome, and I think it is great we have all sorts of builds that are 'viable' - That is the key thing here, there are so many different VG builds, and most of them are viable. Picking a build because it parses the highest (goes for any classes) is a mistake, IMO, and doesn't allow for the bigger picture. FWIW, I am impressed with the 2/22/22 build, I just don't personally like being tethered down. My main is/was a commando and I hated being a turret. Even though the 2/22/22 is a far cry from a turret, it isn't nearly as mobile as assault. But... I digress.

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07.04.2013 , 01:52 AM | #602
Quote: Originally Posted by paowee View Post
Huh interesting.. So you think as PT Hybrid build, dummy DPS is going to be that hard to carry over to raids? It would be nice to see your logs in raids ^_^
Hard? Hmm, not so much hard, as it is memorization. I don't think it is hard to make it work if you run with a regular group. Clearly, it can be made to work, right? Mr Universe makes it work, so does Thoric. Excellent DPS will think ahead and plan for it... So, really, a lot of specs are viable.

As for my logs, well, there are all over torporse [Blackbox & Drekkin]. But I don't exactly raid with hardcore players. To give an idea, I am the top DPS in my guild, usually by several hundred (actually, closer to 500) on each boss if that gives you an idea. Still under geared, but I will get there eventually.

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07.04.2013 , 02:48 AM | #603
Quote: Originally Posted by xXsgtstinkerXx View Post
With stim Mruniverse has 3020 aim, 1136 power, 460 accuracy (10.31), 240 crit (4.55), and 391 surge (70.97). Using proc and click power relics. I still need UW ear and implants.
Thanks for providing your gear. Do you have the PVP eliminator set bonus? Would you mind parsing an 8/7/31 build? Curious to see what I could expect when I get geared to that level. I am thinking 2800's could be hit with that spec, who knows, maybe higher.

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07.04.2013 , 02:57 AM | #604
Mabey - Sentinel Watchman - 36/8/2

can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong, because my dps is not high on the average final parse

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07.04.2013 , 03:36 AM | #605
The reason why i haven't been uploading great parses on torparse is because since 2.0 i have been experiencing extremely low fps, hindering my ability to do the maximum dps that i can.

Also i usually uploaded on torparse pre 2.0 because the competition as dps in my guild wasn't that high, so i searched it somewhere else, but now we have some very good dps competing for top damage every fight .

You see, i search for competiton everywhere, not to somehow prove to someone that i am the best or anything , but healthy competition increases the overall skill of me and everyone participating in the challenge.

Now regarding using different specs for different fights, pre 2.0 there was only 1 spec viable for VG and that required you to do pulse cannon on cooldown, that is not very mobile, and is same case as with the 8/7/31 spec.
Why use a spec that requires you to do pulse cannon on CD and not use the best spec that maximizes the dmg for pulse cannon and keeps HiB damage more than decent.

So in my opinion, 2/22/22 has the same mobility as 8/7/31. If i really want mobility i just go Full Assault and stay at 10 m at all time and not be constricted to do pulse cannon ever. AP's dmg has been seriously buffed for pve.

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07.04.2013 , 06:57 AM | #606
: Originally Posted by namesaretough
A vanguard is top in our raid in NiM TFB about half the time. They've been viable, with the potential to be excellent, but the ones who are performing at those levels haven't posted in this particular thread (until now at least).
Quote: Originally Posted by Arch_Angel_Gabe View Post
I don't believe that is factual...
If you look up C-tor on torparse and Severity's Nightmare 16 TFB kill with the screenshot showing damage thrown..this particular vanguard is at the top. He also has the highest legit Styrak HM 16 parse. So obviously..they can perform in very mechanically variable fights nothing like a dummy.
I'm not a Severity spokesperson either obviously, just a guy who pays attention.
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07.04.2013 , 07:47 AM | #607
Nithnuro - Sniper - Marksman 36/3/7 - 3060.3

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07.04.2013 , 02:10 PM | #608
Quote: Originally Posted by xXsgtstinkerXx View Post
In your 3159 parse.. umm what is all that at the 1 second mark?

18:44:23.064] [@Invinc] [Operations Training Dummy {2857785339412480}:143118842965] [Orbital Strike {2145301804613632}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Damage {836045448945501}] 6300* elemental {836045448940875}) <6300> [18:44:23.675 Invinc's Hidden Strike critically hits Operations Training Dummy for 6300* kinetic damage, causing 6300 threat!

2 attacks all in the same time slot doing the same amount of damage and in different font than everything else? Idk, not saying its fake just saying I've never seen that in the million parses I've looked at. Go to the actual parse and look at it, it's weird.
simple... acid blade on... cast orbital strike / stealth/ wait 2.5 secs, pop CDs... (regen 12 energy as well) hidden strike in the same your orbital strike hits orbital crits + hidden strike crits + acid blade (next second)... people just need to be creative, theres a difference in numbers, if you hit hidden strike + OS at the same time, its a higher spike since both hit at 1 sec....

again something you can easily do in combat with a group used to play with an op... cast orbital, go stealth, wait for the pull, go hidden strike, perfect set up / start.

edit: aaah i see what you mean, didnt notice that, i guess its just the luckiest hit i have had ever... you need to activate hidden strike before orbital hit, so the actual "dmg" in the log is close to orbital hit... not always happens, for example my other log.

18:16:41.445 Invinc's Orbital Strike hits Operations Training Dummy for 3671 elemental damage, causing 3671 threat.
18:16:41.531 Invinc deactivates Stealth.
18:16:41.531 Invinc loses Stealth.
18:16:41.531 Invinc activates Hidden Strike.
18:16:41.532 Invinc spends 17 energy.
18:16:42.203 Invinc's Hidden Strike critically hits Operations Training Dummy for 5674* kinetic damage, causing 5674 threat!

19:02:19.852 Invinc's Orbital Strike critically hits Operations Training Dummy for 6069* elemental damage, causing 6069 threat!
19:02:20.135 Invinc deactivates Stealth.
19:02:20.136 Invinc loses Stealth.
19:02:20.136 Invinc activates Hidden Strike

that was lucky, then its just timing, it doesnt have to be exact same number like that.... it just has to be in teh same second... 18:16:41 vs 18:16:42 even if its only 300 ms away, doesnt work, has to be somthing like 18:16:41.350 vs 18:16:41.510 for example.... its the same when you see marauders parses and you see 12k hits... ravage last hit timed right + vicious throw crit, both count as melee dmg = same melee number, you will see a Vicious throw hitting for 12k when it really was ravage last hit + VT
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07.04.2013 , 03:14 PM | #609
Quote: Originally Posted by Carlenux View Post
simple... acid blade on... cast orbital strike / stealth/
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07.04.2013 , 03:15 PM | #610
Hmm okay.. just seemed weird to me because the whole damage dealt broken down by time section seems all wacky from that. I had just never seen it look like that before. I mean, every hit is registered in its own second mark. Why are those two hits in the same box under the damage dealt section? Even if you do multiple hits in the same second, they will have different boxes around them and indicate they were done in the same second.