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A Happy Customer!

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06.28.2013 , 08:23 AM | #1
First off I would just like to put it out there that personally I can't express how happy I was to see paid server transfers come to life. This was a large issue for me and many others I'm sure that had other max lvl characters on other servers than the one we all finally chose to settle on, big, big thank you for this! Next I would like to address is that after watching various developer video's , I am excited where the game is, and is going. From what I understand 2.4 is going to be huge for us PvP'ers and we have needed a patch to show us some love for some time now. One thing however that I do not think should be overlooked and I'm sure it's not, is PvP gear stats. It was kinda cool how you guys threw in the available PvP stat mods and enhancements so that we the players can play around with our stats to better suit our needs whatever they may be.
It's just......the stat difference between the lower end gear (currently Partisan gear set) and the higher end gear (currently Conquerer gear set) seems too minimal and makes it hard to motivate ourselves to grind out the extra gear. ( And yes, I do realize that the difference still helps, but the grind it takes, to me, and I'm sure many others doesn't seem to reward as much as it should). When I got full Partisan gear I was like "..ok not bad but I could be better.." and then immediately began looking at the Conquerer gear, taking note of the grind it would take (just like battlemaster to war hero), only to get it and receive minimal desirable stat increases, and sometimes stat increases on some sets that are completely useless for specific character classes such as Alacrity on Sith Juggernaut gear... why? Perhaps to get players to grind more for the mods and enhancements you made for us? Ok, OMG these are pricey considering we just spent all our points on the gear. Now we have to grind more for just a few points more in a desirable stat, why?
I don't mean to turn this into a rant but I think that this should be addressed in coming developer videos, just to ensure to those of us that share the same opinion on this matter that things are in the works of making this better. All in all, great job guys, the game is moving forward nicely and I'm more inclined to spread the word that SWTOR will not die out like many other MMORPG's , but will strive to bring the players an all around enjoyable gaming experience.


Character name : Visha
Server: Prophecy of the Five