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Warzone Queue Icon on Minimap greyed out

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Warzone Queue Icon on Minimap greyed out
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Glzmo's Avatar

05.31.2013 , 01:48 PM | #1
When I tried to queue for Warzones on several of my level 55 characters today, the icon for the warzone queue on the Minimap was greyed out. Moving the mouse over the icong displayed the tooltip "Warzone (Player vs. Player Combat) are not available until level 10." This has only been happening since the latest patch.

I noticed this happens randomly on loading, travel, after warzones, etc.. A GUI Reset (hitting CTRL+U twice usually solves it, if not, a relog or a full client restart helps).

NodnarbChawz's Avatar

05.31.2013 , 02:27 PM | #2
I am experiencing this same thing. I've been going to my ship to get it to work as a work around. I've played 3 characters since patch and my 55 & 52 were both logged out on Makeb when the patch went live and are experiencing the queue bug. My 28 was on the fleet and I haven't had an issue. Perhaps it is related to Makeb, but I'm not sure at this point.

jasestu's Avatar

06.16.2013 , 02:40 PM | #3
I'm still having this issue on a level 55 character. I can ctrl-u twice to get the icon to become active, but every time I log in or come out of a warzone it's greyed out again.

Lobocz's Avatar

06.26.2013 , 10:56 AM | #4
Yes exactly same issue for like a month now, only fix is relog or reload UI...

AmberGreen's Avatar

06.26.2013 , 12:40 PM | #5 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Please see the following for an update on this issue:
Amber Green | Live Services Specialist
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