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I miss Star Wars Galaxies :(

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04.24.2012 , 01:45 AM | #281
I never played SWG when it was live but after hearing a lot about it on these forums I bought the disks off Ebay and installed the emu. After dabbling a few hours with it I find it enjoyable but I wouldn't call it better or worse than TOR. The 2 games are more complementary than opposed IMO. SWG provides the feeling of living in the SW galaxy as an average person and to be able to do whatever you wish, big or small. Great feeling or freedom but it also can feel quite empty. TOR is much more restrictive but it makes you feel like a true hero and its production values are through the roof compated to what a sandbox game could have been. I will probably keep playing both.

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04.24.2012 , 02:48 AM | #282
Quote: Originally Posted by admriker View Post
I havent logged into my TOR account in 6 weeks prior to today. With Star Wars Galaxies, I didnt miss a single day in the 2.5 yrs I played the game

With TOR, when I did log in it was...

1. check mail, repost items on market
2. que for warzone
3. check mail, repost items on market

With Star Wars Galaxies, when I did log in it was....

1. check factories
3. check to see if resources changed (they had stats)
4. move harvesters
5. hit a cantina to chat up some friends
6. craft a special order with another player's krayt tissue, nightsister shard, or giant dune kimo scale

and if you werent a crafter (keep in mind, in swg crafting wasnt a secondary skill everyone had)....

7. go to coronet for doc buffs
8. go to cantina for mind buffs
9. go hunting.....there were many options and many reasons....

your armorsmith friend needs wooly hide and a great spawn just came in with amazing stats. so off you go to hunt on whatever planet the spawn happened

you want a specially made FWG5 pistol, enhanced with krayt tissues. so off you go to tatooine to hunt krayt dragons.

you want a rare armor set callled RIS and you need 3 specific drops from three rare animals. off you go to hunt

10. build and maintain a player city
11. go into space and enjoy wide open dogfights, hunt for resources, or just visit with friends on your ship
12. pvp, either attacking any enemy player or destroy player owned bases
13. explore, and i mean real exploration. worlds so massive, wide open, no forced paths,and no sharding
14. if you were a bounty hunter, go hunt player jedi...yes actual player bounties in the game
15. go hunt and tame creatures if you were a creature handler
16. trying a new skill. you didnt have to reroll another toon to try a different skill set
17. do quests, yes a sandbox mmo has quests but they are sometimes hidden. you actually have to explore
18. shop players vendors, looking for a variety of weapons, armors, food and drink, regular clothes, spices, etc

I havent even scratched the surface on all the things you could do in SWG. in every mmo ive tried since, its the same boring game at the end. star wars galaxies didnt have an end
I could'nt have said this any better. Well written

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04.24.2012 , 05:02 AM | #283
My entire first 154 days in the game (Pre-Cu) were dedicated to unlocking my Jedi slot...then it was off to more grinding to get my 2 templates up to speed...awesome times those were...I probably missed 3/4 of that game just grinding my Jedi up...
SWTOR is Kotor 3 on a much larger scale. So once you accept that fact, your over-all game experience will improve greatly...

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04.24.2012 , 01:07 PM | #284
Why so much complaining? If you all miss it so much Im fairly certain you can all go play on a private server. I used to play on a pre-CU private server and it worked rather well. Granted it won't be exact;y the same but who cares, you still get to play it again... and for free. All you would have to do is find the pre-CU game in a torrent and sign up on a private server host website. Easy as pie. And for those who think it is illegal i am fairly certain it is not. WoW has plenty of legal private servers, and plus if it was illegal the companies would quickly shut them down. Problem solved.

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04.24.2012 , 05:22 PM | #285
I only wish that someone would pick Galaxies back up redo the code on a new engine and make the improvements to the game that never were and update it. I can only imagine with todays technology it could be the best game ever if done right this game was fun at the beginning but now I log on twice a week to raid only because others depend on me to be there but it certainly does not catch me the way galaxies did and probably never will

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06.23.2013 , 09:06 PM | #286
some people had good experiences some bad. I started out on ahazi and ended up on starsider. And i had some of the best rp better than i have played in anything else. Just my opinion.

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06.26.2013 , 12:24 PM | #287
Quote: Originally Posted by Jadedfate View Post
SWG was a horrid game from the start...tried it a few times over it's life span...just a huge disappointment all over. Terribly done.
Know what?

There are TONS of people who liked and enjoyed SWG. Threads like this one pop up all the time, not just on the TOR forums, but on other game forums as well. The fact that so many enjoyed it for so long and will always miss it is a testament to what kind of game it was. No, it wasn't perfect. No game is.

10 years from now, will people look back fondly on TOR? Doubt it. The sandbox element of SWG is what made it special, and no theme park game will EVER come close. EvE Online is still going strong after 10 years, has a dedicated following, and a tight community too. Also sandbox. The last of its kind. Games like TOR are a dime a dozen.

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06.27.2013 , 09:17 PM | #288
Happy 10th Anniversary SWG, you are sorely missed

I think it launched on 26th June and I started at the beginning of July 2003, some great memories, best MMO I have ever played in many ways, that's in 13 years of MMO'ing

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06.28.2013 , 06:11 AM | #289
I only miss the pre-cu times. Despite what people say, the game turned to crap afterwards. I stayed on for awhile just to hang around with friends I've made but I really only played the space game. When NGE hit, there was no one around to play with.

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06.28.2013 , 11:51 AM | #290
Quote: Originally Posted by GolgoThirteen View Post
I rather like SW:TOR, but I really miss SWG.

I miss my bio engineer/creature handler and my teras kasi/pistoleer. I miss finding the best spots for my mining rigs and crafting über items. I miss crazy world PvP and going to cantinas and chatting then tipping the entertainer and heading out into the wastes. I miss player cities.

I don't miss the NGE.

Anyway, misty eyed nostalgia over with. See you on the galactic battlefields.
I don't miss Galaxies at all. I think it was the worst Star Wars game to date. Even worse than Galactic Battlegrounds. I know the crafting system is lauded as being superior to just about every other game out there. I've little interest in crafting so I couldn't care less about that. The combat system was terrible, the graphics were horrid, performance was worse, buffs, combat systems etc. was all crap.

And worse than all of that combined was the fact that the game failed to capture the feel of Star Wars despite having the music, Stormtroopers and droids running around. There was just something way off about the whole experience.

That game was crap and thank god SWTOR is not Galaxies 2.0.