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Mobs aggroing when they shouldn't (class quests)

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Mobs aggroing when they shouldn't (class quests)

KorathTheCool's Avatar

06.22.2013 , 08:21 AM | #1
While on Quesh with my Inquisitor today for the double xp weekend, I get to my class quest (Thanaton strikes back) and I'm overleveled. The quest is grey to me. I fight the first round of mobs and the bonus pops up, it's also grey. So I decide to ignore the bonus and sneak by the mobs, going directly to the boss. The cutscene initiates, and I end up fighting him.

As I'm fighting, I notice Khem is no where to be found, despite him being there with me while I snuck by. I look at my mini-map, and see him engaged with 3-4 of the mobs I snuck past while I'm fighting the boss.

Long story short, khem dies, I kill the boss, and then get mobbed by 3-4 mobs that shouldn't of been aggroed in the first place. This is the 2nd time this has happened, but the first time it's been on this character. It seems that if you sneak by the mobs they automagically aggro when the boss fight begins.

Not sure if this is a bug or you just really really want us to fight the mobs on the way.