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LF PvP Guild - Empire

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06.21.2013 , 12:41 PM | #1
I'm looking for a (populated!) Imperial guild on PO5 that has a heavy focus on PvP, and maybe a little on PvE. I'm also looking for this guild to be a bit casual. PvP is what I'm good at, but as an Army soldier and a family to raise I can't really commit to set schedules. Basically, I'm looking for a populated guild with members that I can PvP with whenever I log on, for the most part....with the option of doing rated WZ's.

The toon I'm really trying to get in a good Empire guild is my OPhealer. Though this toon is only level 48 (expect to be at 55 by next week), my Max-level Pub counterpart (Smuggler healer) consistently heals between 700k-1 mil a WZ, and I'm pretty good at keeping my mates from dying. My reasoning for leaving my geared smuggler for the Operative for end-game PvP is simply because my Pub guild is now non-populated and its become next to impossible to get in any decent groups...whereas the Enpire seems to flourish in PvP.

My other max level toons that I play with is an inquisitor healer that I like to use for PvE, also have a max level Smuggler Healer and a max level Guardian tank on the pub side in case your guild has a Pub counterpart that needs players from time to time.

Thanks for reading.
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