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Help Me: Computer Purchase

NoseToNose's Avatar

06.20.2013 , 02:30 PM | #1
So here is the deal, I am working on a budget of 1200, maximum with the spill/drop protections and I want to purchase a decent laptop both for gaming, as well as for school. Below are the two laptops I have been looking at, but if there is something better out there for around the same price with coverage I would love suggestions. I am still learning about graphics cards, and all of that so if you have a better computer choice an explanation would be appreciated.

CaptRavenous's Avatar

06.20.2013 , 04:02 PM | #2
With that amount of money, I would suggest you get a cheap-*** laptop for school, anything will do, no matter how cheap.
Then, invest in a desktop for gaming.

You can't upgrade a laptop. If only ONE part in a laptop breaks down, you're laptop is perma-screwed. You can easily replace defective parts in a desktop, its a better investment because you can slowly upgrade it over time.
If the monitor goes on your laptop, its useless. If the monitor goes on your desktop, fairly easy to replace.

There's many reason why a desktop will ALWAYS beat a laptop, hands-down.
You could easily buy a laptop for under 200$, then have upwards of 1000$ for a desktop, which is a pretty decent amount, even when buying a full PC package. And, as I mentioned, you can upgrade that desktop to become a beast.

I started out with:
AMD Phenom Quad Core 2.8 gigs
Nvidia Geforce 9600 1 GB video card
500 watt power supply
(don't remember the motherboard, but it was AMD chipset)
Windows Vista Home Premium
22" Toshiba Monitor 1680x1050

After 5 years, I now have:
AMD FX 8350 eight-core processor
Geforce GTX 670 2 GB video card
1000 watt power supply
Acer Aspire M3300 Motherboard
Windows 7 home premium
27"LG Monitor 1920x1080

I support myself, my wife, and two kids. I'm lucky if I can scrounge together 300$ spending cash after I'm bled dry. We have two PCs (I built a second one from my first one with some cheap, new parts) one for me, one for the kids, and a laptop for my wife to watch movies and listen to music (so she can do so anywhere in the house, kitchen, bathroom, outside, etc.) *NOTE* This is her second laptop in 3 years, her last one died on us after just over 2 years, it was an ACER laptop that cost me 400$. My kids are playing on a PC whose parts are mostly 5 years old.

Armed with this knowledge, go forth, and spend wisely.