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DNT vs NiM Terror from Beyond* (Live)

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06.13.2013 , 09:15 PM | #1
The asterisk on the thread title will make sense when you see the end of the video.

Our comp:
Tahiri (Tank, Assassin)
Enkay (Tank, Juggernaut)
Apoplexie (Heals, Sorcerer)
Turtle (Heals, Sorcerer)
Deeps (Carnage, Marauder)
Devasta (Annihilation, Marauder)
Dominion (Arsenal, Mercenary)
Rhomea (Lethality, Sniper)

So, concerning the fight itself: the Terror and his tentacles all have a good deal more HP compared to PTS and the tentacles hit harder. Your DPS really needs to be on the ball the entire fight long. Unstable larva seem to have less HP but move faster so DPS needs to switch quickly.

Like on the PTS, you cannot go into four tentacle phases in phase 1 or the Terror and the tentacles will enrage and it's a wipe.

In phase 2, the big change is that anomalies do not disappear during the irregularity phase, so the DPS assigned to them has to stay out and keep killing them to ensure they don't zap the whole raid to death.

I can't really comment on the way we killed the boss, as you can hear in the video we had no idea that the Terror would suddenly lose 20% hp and die at 2%. If this was intended as the way the boss was supposed to be killed, I'll be very surprised.

Good luck in progression!
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06.14.2013 , 12:45 AM | #2
Now available on Youtube @