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Stacking Alacrity: An Augmentation Question

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06.10.2013 , 08:49 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Lecto View Post
I see, just about everyone is saying that Alacrity is pretty bad news all around -- even post 2.0. I've been told that Surge is better in the long run for increasing HPS; however, my crits are already at max so I'm not worried about that. Everyone in my Guild keeps saying to stack Willpower....would you recommend Power over Willpower?

PS: I did add one Alacrity augment & it helped a great deal with cast time, but I really don't see the need to add anymore. Might be more useful for a PvP set up.
I went for willpower augments since pre-2.0 and never change it to anything else at all. The alacrity u'll get is from your enhancements in gear ( power/alacrity, power/surge enhancements(Adept/Quick Savant) including earpiece and implants).
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06.10.2013 , 10:01 PM | #12
I hope I won't be muddying the waters by bringing this up, but as far as your target gear goes, it's important to think about 10 other slots that contain secondary stats: 1 Earpiece, 2 Implants, 7 Enhancements.

Each slot contains 2 secondary stats. One of these stats is either going to be Crit or Power. The other stat is going to be Alacrity or Surge. (I'm ignoring Accuracy since you mentioned you're a healer).

If you pick Surge instead of Alacrity for each of these 10 slots, you're going to wind up with about 790 points. This is WELL beyond the diminishing returns of surge, which is reached around 247 points, according to this thread.

So, rather than waste all those points in pushing Surge too high, you will gain more benefit by having some Surge and some Alacrity.

If you split them half and half (5 slots Alacrity, 5 slots Surge), you'll end up with 71% surge and 7.3% alacrity. If you split them 4/6, you'll end up with 68% surge and 8.25% alacrity. And note, with a low-crit build, the value of surge is lessened.

My recommendation is to use only Resolve augments, but to use some alacrity in your other slots (e.g. Quick Savant Enhancements and/or Force Mystic MK-V Implants)