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<Empire>|The Red Eclipse|Mandroid Love Recruiting

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<Empire>|The Red Eclipse|Mandroid Love Recruiting

MavtheMenace's Avatar

06.08.2013 , 09:00 AM | #1
As per the title, Mandroid Love, an adult focused Empire faction casual PvE guild is recruiting.

Yes, another guild that is recruiting, but where we would like to think we differ from others, is that we don't want some large, unfriendly guild. Instead, we'd like a group of very social people whose main priority is to enjoy everything the game has to offer while having a laugh with plenty of banter between guildmates.

We have no restrictions other than English speaking, over 20+ and able to have, and take, a laugh. To this end we want to promote extensive use of Teamspeak so everyone can socialise and this is why you don't need to fill out some boring and laborious application sheet; oh no! Simply contact one one of the poor souls mentioned at the end of this post,arrange a time to log into Teamspeak (server details on the website and have a chat with one or both of the leaders and that is it.

Couples and older gamers (we're all over 30 ourselves) are all welcome and we want to create something that is going to mean heroics, dailies, flashpoints and operations will all be fought, and beaten with a wink and a smile and then a curse as you get out rolled on that bit of loot you wanted.

We don't want to be hardcore, we don't want to dictate play style or play time (operation days and times will be discussed with the whole guild hopefully every week to ascertain when is the best time for everyone) we just want to have a laugh and enjoy the game we're playing.

If you're interested (and why wouldn't you be!), then please poke one of us in game we will be happy to answer any questions .


Failing that, come find us on our webby -