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Thoughts on Set Bonus Drops in Operations

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06.07.2013 , 12:14 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by TrillOG- View Post
5/12 drop set bonus gear, 12/12 drop unassembled gear. This is BiS gear ALONE. Throw the ability to run story modes on top of that.. there you go. You shouldn't be guaranteed set bonus gear, and this goes back to the "if you want the best gear, raid for it" argument. I'm not gonna keep pushing my views, but you should consider how ridiculously easy it would be to get geared completely with being able to buy set bonus armorings.
Maybe in HM, but not in SM. Also, I never said buying them with comms, only a quest completing FULL RUNS by killing each boss however many times (2 or 3) would give a reward for completing the content without being completely at the whim of the RNG. That would hardly be game breaking in the least. This also answers your age old question if you want the gear raid for it because you HAVE TO RAID to get it (which I do agree with).

There is also an old thread out there that in the current state, it would take a dedicated 8 Man raid group with 2 Sentinels 52 weeks to completely optimize the group.
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06.08.2013 , 06:00 AM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by Ocho-Quatro View Post
The OP (if I understand correctly)... is strictly referring to set bonus pieces. 69 and 72 (Black Market and Verpine) can be obtained pretty darned easy... but the process of praying and hoping you get lucky on /rolls to win Arkanian/Underworld can be a grind.

Also... many guilds/groups get butthurt when you roll for alts.
Then their guild needs a dkp system, or something that allows to people to get gear easier, instead of changing the game.
OP said they have a deep pool of people that can raid.... they could also divide into set teams that raid together.. .this WILL help gear people faster.