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Question of the Day 6/4/2013

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

CourtneyWoods's Avatar

06.04.2013 , 09:39 AM | #1 Click here to go to the next staff post in this thread. Next  
You are completely surrounded by Rakghouls on Taris. How will you make it out alive?

Personal Answer: For my Sorc - Lightning. Lots of Lightning. Those creatures will fry!
Courtney Woods | Lead Community Coordinator
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Venjirai's Avatar

06.04.2013 , 09:45 AM | #2
Taten > Worte

yoshua's Avatar

06.04.2013 , 09:46 AM | #3
Slicing Khem Val's leg off and force running out.

I don't have to out run the Rak Ghoul, just have to out run Khem.
Yoshua Acero
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Docmal's Avatar

06.04.2013 , 09:56 AM | #4
There is no Death, there is the Force.

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06.04.2013 , 09:59 AM | #5 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Quote: Originally Posted by Venjirai View Post
Hey Venjirai,

Musco has given y'all a response to that thread here.

Although I find it amusing that your strategy against a Rakghoul attack is reading.
Courtney Woods | Lead Community Coordinator
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Trollokdamus's Avatar

06.04.2013 , 10:00 AM | #6
Easy. Cloud rakghoul's minds with the Force and slip through them. And while doing it, make them see each other as victims and let them kill themselves. I mean why would i do the dirty work myself if that is not nessesary.

AlaricSevGirl's Avatar

06.04.2013 , 10:10 AM | #7
My shadow is on Taris and well, she's a shadow, she just sneaks by. My jugg cuts through them like butta and my soc, a lightning storm.
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chuixupu's Avatar

06.04.2013 , 10:12 AM | #8
I'll just have Dr. Lokin transform and have a chat with them.

How come that didn't work, seriously?
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Rankyn's Avatar

06.04.2013 , 10:13 AM | #9
I don't have to outrun the rakghouls, I only have to outrun you.

AshlaBoga's Avatar

06.04.2013 , 10:34 AM | #10
Sorc: I shall make it rain Lightning with my unparalleled mastery of Force Storm until they're smoking piles of ashes Also, my method of summoning Force Storm is to do the macarena!
Rainmaking dances, Sith do them better

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*My jugg weighs over 800 lbs
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