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Flashpoint Etiquette

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05.30.2013 , 09:08 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Xixex View Post
Is there a standard set of etiquette rules for a Flashpoint? I was just kicked out by group vote, and the reason given was, "I don't even know where to begin."
Probably a combination of multiple reasons.

I'm not going repeat stuff listed by others, but going to add some more.

- Using a tanking stance (Soresu Form, Dark Charge, Ion gas cylinder, Ion cell, Combat technique) when you are not the tank of the group. These abilities increase your threat which makes enemies more likely to attack you, which is not your job if you are not the tank and using those abilities makes it harder for the actual tank to do his job. Not to mention you will do bad dps. Same goes for using other tanking abilities like taunts that force the enemy attack you.
Of course not using them when you are the tank is bad too.

- Wearing gear that is not for your class. Player wearing other classes gear is not only going to perform extremely badly, but also there is a reason to fear that he might need roll and take even more gear that is useless to his class preventing those that actually need the items from getting them.

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05.31.2013 , 05:20 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by Xixex View Post
Granted, it was the first time I was playing that scenario, and I only have a couple other Flashpoints under my belt (I do know about hitting spacebar to skip cut scenes, and so it wasn't that). After waiting so long to get into a Flashpoint, getting kicked out spoiled my fun, and I'm sure my noobie play must have annoyed everyone else. Should I stay away from Flashpoints? Is there a Flashpoint for Dummies page or a beginners mode?
What the previous commenters said are good starts, but I'd also add the following advice (since you didn't mention if you did this):

Be upfront about your noob status. When you zone in, shoot off a quick, "Hey, guys, I'm not that experienced with Flashpoints but wanting to learn. If there's something special I need to do, please let me know?" Same deal if you /do/ become more experienced with Flashpoints but perhaps random into one you're /not/ as familiar with/haven't run before.

That will save both you and your group a lot of grief and aggravation. A lot of people are willing to cut players more slack if they know going into the situation that someone's relatively inexperienced with the content. But if you /don't/ say anything, the assumption is you're experienced, so when you don't behave the way they expect (as if you were familiar with the FP), it's far more annoying.

If they are jerkfaces who don't want to spend time coaching along a new player, they can vote kick you then instead of halfway through the FP. Sucks, but at least you haven't wasted your time with nothing to show for it. :/

But if they do coach you: be ready to do what they ask. Finding patient people to teach you is a god send.
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