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Ship Droid as Combat and Healer companion

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Ship Droid as Combat and Healer companion

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05.28.2013 , 06:27 AM | #1
I've seen a couple of misconceptions voiced about the ship droid's usefulness as both a healer and a combat companion.

If he is fully equipped in all slots (except weapon) with level-appropriate Droid armor, and he is set on 'healing watch', his heals are good enough to keep the average player alive if you manage your fights well.

He does engage in bare-hand combat, and I have seen, in the chat combat log, the ship droid deal the killing blow on more than one occasion, although his damage is very low.

What is unique to this companion is his ability to 'tank' without losing health; I do not know what is happening at that level, but I have never had to resurrect the ship droid from a combat death. He generally emerges from the fights with a lot of health, even though he is holding aggro.

I love watching him punch and chatter, all the while the long, generous green stream of his healing is flowing back to my main character, keeping it alive. Just stay within 30 yards of him and all is well.

If your class does not get a healer early-on, then the ship droid is more than just a stand-in-stunt-man; keep his gear up, and he will keep your character up.

At least he is not a pacifist!