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Alacrity Viability

Arius_Drax's Avatar

05.28.2013 , 12:29 AM | #1
One major suggestion that I have is to increase the viability of alacrity within the game. I know that developers had attempted this with 2.0 updates to alacrity, but in my opinion did the total opposite. The advantages of alacrity are far outweighed by its lackluster performance when compared to comparable stats such as surg, acc, etc. Below are some ideas that I believe would help to fix the alacrity problem. I do not necessarily want all of these changes implemented, they are just a conglomeration of ideas I had.

1. Make the effects that alacrity has on the global cool-down MUCH more noticeable than those of castable abilities. This would make alacrity a stat that every class could use, epically for classes that use a multitude of instant abilities. This would speed up combat for certain situations, and even make certain classes more viable. You could have a hard cap at, say, 0.5 seconds, or something along those lines.

2. Make alacrity have a ranging effect on longer cast times. Although a percentage effect DOES have a bigger effect on longer castable times, it is still not worth while. 6% off of a cast time of 2.5 seconds is much less effective than 4 or 6% crit multiplier. There should be a different scaling system that makes alacrity much more viable for castable abilities, longer ones more specifically.

3. Make the resource regeneration of alacrity actually viable. Stacking alacrity on my Sorcerer healer ended up giving me roughly 8.4 willpower regeneration, compared to the zero alacrity build of 8 willpower. Reallocating the points into surge and power yielded a far superior build. The stat lacks the results when compared to all others. Increasing the regeneration factor, (or degen for classes like mercs, etc.) would make it, again, a universally wanted stat.

These were some of my ideas to improve the system. I believe if any or all of these were implemented, in a good fashion, that it would make gameplay and gear optimization much more interesting, fun, and varied.