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Money, market, economics... I'm lost =/ pls help

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Money, market, economics... I'm lost =/ pls help

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12.21.2011 , 05:28 PM | #1
Okay, so here goes, I'll try to be as brief as I can =P

I'm Cybertech atm, to make the most of it I need Scavenging + Underworld trading missions

So far (140ish skill now) materials from scavenging and underworld trading thingie are just PILING UP in my bank, I get waaaaay more then I need to skill up.
I've checked the Trade market and can right away see that materials aint worth squat, usually a ~50 stack of given compound costs ~200 creds, while gathering 1-3 of the same item costs me 300-500 cred on a mission.
So as for a seller that's not gonna get you rich, it'll even cost you tons.

Considering this, materials for a earpiece (as an example) are really cheap, making the earpiece cheap ofc (who wants to pay tons for smth that's made out of cheap stuff)
As a crafter it would even be better to buy the materials on the market to skill up and create stuff with since it's cheaper than getting the said materials from missions.

Let's just say that for some strange reason that costs of materials on the market would go up, who would buy em? you can "buy" em from a mission instead, so either way the materials will be worth less than what it cost to get em by a mission or it'll cost roughly the same (remember, otherwise you just send companions to get em, should the market price be too high)

.... atm this leaves me abit confused...

Will I forever be poor because crafted items and materials will be worthless while costing me tons to level by buying schematics and paying for missions?

And then there's slicing, you see forums of ppl telling they make 400 000 credits when they hit lvl 25-30.

Kinda seems abit stupid to get anything but Slicing and some gathering skills (not using any missions to skill it though, since that will just cost)
And then buy what you want on the market in terms of gear / mods / stims etc...

So is it a choice between unlimited grenades / stims (cybertech, bio.. BoP items) and unlimited wealth?

Sorry for just messing this post up, but I can't see how the argument ppl put out "prices for materials will go up later" could be true ? since you get an abundance from gathering proffs, I could prolly skill 3 cybertech toons with 1 scavenging.

I'd love to hear what you guys think, I'm not enlightened as goes for economics and markets etc (irl I mean)
But in my eyes since you can "buy materials from yourself at a fixed price" it can never be profitable selling mats / items, unless you completley skip missions and just gather out in the worlds yourself, i.e. looting em from the ground.

And again apperantly slicing is a huge money shower, so I'd love to drop scavenging / underworld trading and get slicing instead if that's the only thing worth having..

Just trying to figure this out, please give some constructive comments, your own view, speculations, known facs from playing at high lvl etc etc. Just be clear as to what is speculations or facts.

Thanks !!!