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Monthly Subscription & Game Time Cards

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Monthly Subscription & Game Time Cards

JinjaFett's Avatar

12.21.2011 , 05:23 PM | #1
I purchased two license for the game. One for me and another for my son. I have set up the monthly subscription to bill my credit card because I will be the paying party.

However people are asking what to get my son for Christmas and I would like to suggest the game time cards but I do not know where to get them, what they look like or are called? I see lot's of came cards in the retail stores. But I have not seen any with the swtor logo or image on them. Do they have a general EA or Origin card I could tell people to buy?

And if one kind aunt or uncle does get a time card for my son and I apply it to his account will that credit automatically bypass the subscribed charge on my credit card for his account till the next time it is needed?