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Bolstering is fine. Lack of Tiers/Brackets is NOT.

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Bolstering is fine. Lack of Tiers/Brackets is NOT.

Draemos's Avatar

12.21.2011 , 04:23 PM | #51
I'm cool with a 1-39 bracket, and then a 40-50 bracket..since that is when you actually get expertise.

But any more brackets than that is ultimately a bad long term idea.

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12.21.2011 , 05:10 PM | #52
This is the one complaint in the PvP forums that I just don't get.

When I was in beta and you could enter the warzones at lvl 1, I did that with my BH. All I did was spam my lvl 1 attack. I consistently did top 3 damage for the warzones which were full of lvl 40s+. Did I die a lot? SURE. Do I care? Of course not. I also killed a lot, I did a heapton of damage...and I got a crapton of experience, money and commendations. It was sweet. I was so pissed when they moved it up to lvl 10.

Warzone PvP is NOT about you. It is about the team. It is about meeting objectives - whether it be taking enemy locations on Alderaan, etc or scoring in Huttball. You can be an asset to your team starting at lvl 10 when you get into warzones, and all the way to 50. You CAN kill lvl 50s from a lower level. They can also NOT kill you. Do skills matter? Of course. Are they the absolute determining factor of how well you do? Of course not.

The #1 factor which seems to affect survivability in warzone PvP is numbers/coordination - if you got 3+ guys against you and your team is no where to be found, it doesn't matter what your level is, what their level are probably going to die. If the ball handler in Huttball always has his teammates surrounding him, healing him, helping him...they are going to do so much better than the ball handler whose team has abandoned him. Usually when you are getting punked by a bunch of level 50s, my experience has been that they are guilded and probably coordinating in Vent/TS/Mumble.

The second factor is class...CCs and movement bolsters...mostly for them getting away or scoring in Huttball, or stopping someone from getting away. Yes this is level dependent, but you get a lot of those skills under 20 for each class. Other than that, the jump to target or pull target to you (or pull friend to you) are the most important skills - and while yes, some do have higher level requirements - they don't, in my experience, win or lose matches.

You have to learn not to care about dying in warzone PvP. You have to not even care about damage/healing/kill totals. You have to worry about completing objectives, about helping your team. If you die a lot, then that is just fine. This isn't LoL where dying impacts you negatively - there's a certain bonus you get for low or no deaths, but after a certain point of deaths (5 I think?), I have found the rewards don't differ all that much no matter how many times you die.

I think the way PvP is bolstered is great. I hated brackets in Warhammer, Rift and other games, because PvP wasn't bolstered, so it was really just a matter of who was in the last (*9) level of their bracket really winning the match.

I love that I can go in to a warzone at level 10 and kick a bunch of 50s' butts; I love that I can group with my guildmates for PvP no matter what our respective levels are. I certainly can't do any of that in world PvP.
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