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[Archaeology] Low Level Artifacts

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[Archaeology] Low Level Artifacts

Foxtapus's Avatar

05.24.2013 , 06:29 PM | #1
Hi All,
So i have a small issue..... I have run out of Low Level artifacts to use for artificing but when i do the low level crew missions i am not turning up the artifacts i need. Where should i go to find these? any ideas would be appreciated.
Kindest Regards,

Rezingreenboul's Avatar

05.27.2013 , 05:12 PM | #2
GTN. All you could every need and more.
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Foxtapus's Avatar

05.27.2013 , 08:23 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Rezingreenboul View Post
GTN. All you could every need and more.
fantastic, where can i find said GTN?

Nythain's Avatar

05.27.2013 , 10:32 PM | #4
Galactic Trade Network... there's one on the Fleet, one on the Capitol World, one on Nar Shaddaa, one on Tatooine (in the outlaws den iirc), and probably a few other places I failed to remember.

That being said, if you mentioned which grade of artifact fragment you are hurting for, and what faction you play on (republic or empire) some people might be able to point you towards the best planet to go to farm said artifact fragments. Like, if it's grade 1 and you play on the republic side, you really can't beat the ruined jedi temple after the works on coruscant. Etc.

Stragul's Avatar

05.28.2013 , 02:12 AM | #5
Hover your mouse over the item you need, and it says what grade and type it is, then send your guys on that grade and type missions...
Hope you understand, cant realy xplain it..