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Slicing will single handedly ruin the economy

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Slicing will single handedly ruin the economy

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12.20.2011 , 05:37 AM | #161
Trust me when i say this, but we're all going to need alot of cash at lvl 50, for example, the speeder you can buy at lvl 50 costs 300k. And upgrading skills costs around 20-30k per skill from lvl 40-50.

And much more.

FYI Slicing is not nerfed.

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12.20.2011 , 06:05 AM | #162
Quote: Originally Posted by Xzonez View Post
Trust me when i say this, but we're all going to need alot of cash at lvl 50, for example, the speeder you can buy at lvl 50 costs 300k. And upgrading skills costs around 20-30k per skill from lvl 40-50.

And much more.

FYI Slicing is not nerfed.
The last time I had a look at the level 50 (110% speed) vehicles you could get most of them with just 100k, which should not be that much at 50 in the long run. And do not forget that there is no problem if someone just hitting 50 may not be able to afford the fastest mount immediately, especially considering that the speed bonuses are 90%, 100% and 110%, so there is not such a huge gap in between.
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12.20.2011 , 07:00 AM | #163
There is a lot of theory being discussed but I not enough actual examples IMHO. So I will make one:
I have a lvl 16 sentinel. In order to get equipment upgrades I have only one actual crafting profession - Artifice. There is simply no other alternative, if I want to get upgrades for my weapons and mods for my armour. Now, in order to craft said upgrades I will need two gathering professions:
1) Archeology, that will bring me essential mats (artifacts + power crystals). But this will only enable me to craft green items because if I want to make a blue item or purple I will need Gemstones. There is only one option to get them
2) Treasure hunting. This allows me to get gems to craft all types of items with my Artifice.
This example is actually true for all the classes.

Now, if I were to chose slicing instead of ..... TH. It means I have to buy blue and purple gems from the AH. And we all do realise that those WILL be quite rare AND expensive. This means that the money I get from slicing will go into getting those rare gems if I ever want to get those nifty purple mods.
Of course, I can also remove archeology. But they I will not be able to craft / level crafting. At all!! Because for leveling and crafting I will need lots of basic mats and I get them ONLY from Archeology. Of couse, I can buy them in bulk from AH, but again, I will use the money I got from slicing.

So, in the end, it pretty much balances thing IMHO.

P.S. There is, however, one thing against all above - get an alt. Power leveling a char to lvl 16 and then simply use it to get all the necessary core mats. Those who do not mind alt hopping will probably go this way.

P.P.S. PPl also forget one more aspect of slicing - getting new missions. Actually for me this is a much more important part as (let us go back to my earlier example with gems) purple gems are rare. I had barely enough to craft some mods for myself, let alone for sale! And at later stages of the game I think those slicing obtained missions will be a very very valuable commodity.

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12.20.2011 , 08:12 AM | #164
In the skill 140 range with Slicing after a few stints of it this morning. I am getting missions that cost around 590 credits now. My first one came back with a 24 credit profit. My second one came back with a 300 credit profit, my third one came back with a 40 credit profit.

I was actually expecting the return to increase more than this for the amount of risk involved. I can fully expect to fail one of my next 10 missions, losing almost 600 credits in the process. Still leaving me with a gain, and If I critical one of them I should see a very nice gain.

Now, I did some crafting with Scavenging to compare what the mod 2 (which appears to be the lowest level mod my Cybertech can craft) can make. It costs two units of a base scavenged material to make a mod (I made a STR mod). it sales to the vendor for 10 credits.

I have no idea if any of the other types sell for more, but assuming they are all 10 credits, i'm looking at 5 credits per resource I find. In Correscant (sp) at level 13, my smuggler was in the market sector fighting all the humans and droids there for questing and was able to scavenge 100 each of the mesh and silica in about 40 to 45 minutes. Nodes appear to drop 2 to 3 of each unit and the droids appear to come up with anywhere from 1 to 3.

The scavenge nodes appear to be more plentiful than the slicing nodes as well, but I don't think it's by very much...maybe 25% more. The real gain is killing the robots.

So at 5 credits a pop, doing the very lowest possible crafting, I can make around 16.6 credits per minute with Scavenging.

At the beginning slicing, missions were costing 90 credits and returning on average about 120 credits, over a 3 minute mission. So a 30 credit profit or 10 credits per minute.

EDIT: I have a feeling that I can likely sell the scavenged materials for 10 credits or more each on the GTN and make substantially more. But I have not tested the market for this yet so didn't include it.

I have not done enough of the 590 credit missions yet to get a baseline, but i'm going to go off the very small sample size and say i'll average around 120 credit gain per mission, missions last 6 minutes I believe for these now. That puts me again at about 20 credits per minute over a 6 minute mission.

I would certainly hope that my return on the 590 credit missions goes way up as it is barely beating out the lowest, basic level scavenging returns at this point. I also need to get some more data on things you can make with scavenging and sell to a vendor to determine easy profits.

I would also add that Underworld Trading for metals seem to sell very fast if you put them up for 100 credits per base metal. I've put up around 50 bars so far for 100 credits each. Cost of missions are 90 credits per mission, yields between 2 and 5 bars...normally 2. That's about 110 credit profit per 3 minute mission, or 36.6 credits per minute.

Are you sure you guys are selling your proceeds form Underworld Trading and others and not just using the proceeds to level up? If you are saying slicing is the cats meow of money and you aren't using the other gathering skills for money but are instead using them to level up professions, then you aren't making a fair comparison at all.

So far at the pre 200 skill level, Slicing is the worst money maker I have played with between Scavenging and slicing. Even a Mission skill like Underworld Trading seems to be out performing Slicing.

Anyone have any other data on selling their proceeds from Underworld Trading? I'd like to get some other views on this in the event that i'm an anomaly. I also haven't sold any of the purple metals and fabrics I've gotten from underworld trading because I cant' figure out a value for them, I just know it should be over 100 since that's what i'm getting for the basic bars.

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12.21.2011 , 04:30 PM | #165
Quote: Originally Posted by Racheakt View Post
Endgame craftables that will sell endgame are Orange modables.

Sliceing is fine.
+1 on that. I have quite a few toons all that have crafting/gathering skills well beyond 200. I've spent hours doing slicing as well (a bit above 265). I can spend an hour sending Mako on slicing missions and gain a few thousand credits.. and then I can send her for another hour and lose a few thousand. All and all, having slicing since the nerf of beta, evens out and gimps my Cybertech craft skill. If i want to make anything good, I have to dump creds into the GTN (mostly at an unreasonable sum because most of what I need is blue or purple, and the rarity costs more!)

Basically I send Mako out (with a slicing bonus to her crew skill) on a 285 cred mission, she'll bring back between 135ish and 500. Most often, it's about 300. How is that OP? On a good crit, I've gotten 1300, BUT on a good crit, most gathering skills will net a few purples or blues. Check the GTN, some of those sale for well above 1300.. and the orange gear they make... woah. Easily 5x as much (again, level dependant)