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Gree In-Game Event Returns

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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05.21.2013 , 05:54 AM | #141
Quote: Originally Posted by Caelrie View Post
Why only 1 week? Those of us who are new to the event won't even be able to buy any Gree items.
I agree heartily -- please keep this in place till 2.2 launches, that way those of us who missed it earlier can get some nice toys too.

If I go all-out this week with my 4 characters at 50+, I can probably "store up" enough reputation to have enough reputation saved up to hit Champion in 3 weeks, but bleh, it really shouldn't be necessary.

As to why this event returns while the Chevin scavenger hunt and the Rakghoul event haven't, this one actually has an in-game reason for returning but the others don't. The Cheving thing in particular was supposed to be a prelude to the Return of the Gree anyway, and they are now here -- as per the Terror from Beyond operation. (IMO, It probably wouldn't hurt to see a Gree-themed Flashpoint in addition to that).

I know these events must take a lot of planning and implementation work, so that one-off events will probably not be part of the business model from now on, but please don't abandon them!

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05.21.2013 , 08:48 AM | #142
I completely missed the first Gree event. After looking at how many components you can get. I have to do everything, the heroic every day and do Xeno on both Sm and HM just to get enough to buy one weapon.
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05.21.2013 , 08:53 AM | #143
So pleased the Gree event has returned ... My Main's been stuck on the fleet crafting to make up for the cash she spent getting a makeover.

To battle!
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05.21.2013 , 09:11 AM | #144
Its stupid to tell you to come at lvl 45 when all the events are RED and impossible at that lvl.

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05.21.2013 , 09:32 AM | #145
Quote: Originally Posted by Caelrie View Post
Why only 1 week? Those of us who are new to the event won't even be able to buy any Gree items.
Yeh this

I wasn't able to join the first gree event and was so bummed about it, as I loved the look of the new armors. When I saw that the event was returning I was so exited, only to log in and find out I wouldn't be able to get friend standing in 7 days.


Dak_fireraker's Avatar

05.21.2013 , 09:35 AM | #146
I understand the disapointment of some with recycling a former event. I, however, am VERY glad the GREE event has returned. I started shortly before the Gree event started & wasnt able to take part in it. Now I'm lvl 45 (bottom tier I know) & will be able to actually do some of these event missions.

translucentwolf's Avatar

05.21.2013 , 09:36 AM | #147
Quote: Originally Posted by Vassise View Post
Already got every item from every event in the game.

Now you're bringing it back again.

Why not bring back all the rewards from the other events that everybody missed?

Nobody is going to feel unique now. Same thing with the white colour crystal...

It doesnt mean anything to have anything in game anymore.
Awww. Is this little snowflaking feeling a bit too similar to the other little snowflakes?
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05.21.2013 , 09:41 AM | #148
Quote: Originally Posted by blueokie View Post
Its stupid to tell you to come at lvl 45 when all the events are RED and impossible at that lvl.
I suppose the best way to handle it is partner up w/ a couple higher lvl guildies/friends & take on the missions.

Skylancewalker's Avatar

05.21.2013 , 11:04 AM | #149
Quote: Originally Posted by Lergoff View Post
I'd like to see a more positive vibe on the part of players and forum responses in general. It's the player's responsibility to maintain the overall feel of this game. Content developers can't implement changes that impact the way, say, folks on the fleet respond to basic questions from new players. Sarcasm and pointed insults have become the norm. Complaining about revisiting Gree yields no bounty. Some of us really do want to level up our Gree reputation. Thank you for making that possible. When this game started, the community was friendly. Gen chat had more to offer than mom jokes. What have you given to the game, lately?
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Skylancewalker's Avatar

05.21.2013 , 11:06 AM | #150
Quote: Originally Posted by Mertaal View Post
Unless this event is being presented /INSTEAD/ of a content update, you all need to stop complaining.

We just had the 2.1 update, and 2.2. is billed for early June, and people are ************ that this is happening instead of new content. It isn't. It's happening (yes, again) in addition to new content, following the usual new content schedule.

The sense of entitlement people have for paying $15 a month (presuming all of the whiners are subs- which I doubt) is quite astounding.

It's perfectly acceptable to complain, but try to use an iota of reason when you do so. Grossly unrealistic expectations don't help anyone.

$15 doesn't buy lunch where I live. Get real.
$15 x 1 Million + buys new content where I live (realistic).