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Smuggler and Agent help

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Smuggler and Agent help

Ghost_Lead's Avatar

05.18.2013 , 12:01 PM | #1
Hi, I want to start an Agent and a Smuggler, meaning Republic AND Empire, but i want to know what advanced class should i go along for each side, I have been told Scoundrel and Sniper but also Gunslinger and Operative, i enjoy damage and the good side mostly.
Info that may help:
I like snipers.
I also like dual wield pistols.
I like the hat the Gunslinger (and possibly scoundrel) has.
The Agent's apparel is pretty cool i guess.
Told Op/Scoundrel is best at healing, are they? If not i can go sniper and Gunslinger. (I like burst heals/AoE heals).
I am going a Shadow ( or assassin i am having the same prob with consular and inquisitor). (Does that help?)
So if that helps u help me pick......... Great!
Thanks! (Please be the least biased you can be).

Ghost_Lead's Avatar

05.18.2013 , 06:34 PM | #2
please someone answer im at lvl 10 for agent atm

MustangCzar's Avatar

05.18.2013 , 07:27 PM | #3
I would go sniper/Scoundrel. Reasoning: 1) sniper animations seem to make more sense to me amd aren't as flashy (which doesn't draw attention in pvp) 2) i like the idea of being long range with a sniper and not 2 two pistols 3) I prefer beimg able to shoot someone in the back with a shotgun compared to just stabbing them. As for the healing part it doesn't matter. Both do great heals (but not AoE heals) but the Operative has better healing animations. This is all my opinion keep in mind.

Dallayna's Avatar

05.20.2013 , 11:05 AM | #4
I also found myself preferring Shadow/Assassin to Sage/Sorcerer but, frankly, after leveling a Sniper and a Scoundrel, I love them both. Scoundrel took quite a while for me to enjoy though because after I hit the 40's I found myself having to drop dps for healing so, it took a bit for me to grow to like the healing skill tree. That being said, I'm actually beginning to really like it because while I needed help with my Sniper to get to the end of Chapter 3 solo, the Scoundrel was a breeze.

So, I guess my advice is decide which you would find more annoying: a weaker "nuke" or having to fight your way through all of those annoying trash mobbed areas?

You want that nuke and don't mind teaming? Go Sniper/Gunslinger.
You prefer slipping past the annoyances and don't mind taking a backseat in the fight to heal your companion? Go Scoundrel/Operative.

I love them both to be honest so, sorry the response couldn't be more help for you. GL though.