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Dashroode S&V HM 4xAdds

Hakkology's Avatar

05.17.2013 , 02:45 PM | #1
A friend of mine complained that they are getting 4 adds killing the shields in the first boss of S&V HM.

Also LOTS of visual bugs, like rdps not being able to see the boss or the tank getting teleported after pushback outside the shield despite putting his back to rocks.

Is 4 adds a feature you have implemented new or is it a bug that shouldn't happen ?
Please work on visual bugs, S&V is an awesome operation and such technical issues really give the game a bad reputation for everyone. It's just not funny when people see different things in their first try and such bugs.

All the best.
Hakko of the Red Eclipse ( Telekinetics Sage )

AAAAzrael's Avatar

05.17.2013 , 03:05 PM | #2
Adds killing the shield are HM mechanic.

Visual bug when DPS can't see the target happened to us as well. One DPS in 16-man group couldn't see the target until second shield.

Hakkology's Avatar

05.17.2013 , 03:09 PM | #3
But are there supposed to be 4 adds attacking the shield each wave ?

We always got 2 before the patch today.
Hakko of the Red Eclipse ( Telekinetics Sage )

Solaufein's Avatar

05.17.2013 , 03:40 PM | #4
It sounds like it's working as intended. Not a bug. The visual problem probably relating to individual's PCs.


05.17.2013 , 09:04 PM | #5
Pairs of bats will spawn continuously whenever a power shield is planted. If you have more than two adds at a time, you're not burning the previous pair quickly enough.

Also the adds can be knocked back, rooted, taunted, stunned, and such. This can prevent the adds from destroying the shield by buying you extra burn time.

The pillars and other such doodads on the map will prevent players from tabbing to some new targets. If a doodad lies between the camera's point of view and your ideal target, you will not be able to tab to that target.