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Pictures of you kitties and dyed armor

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Pictures of you kitties and dyed armor

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05.15.2013 , 03:36 AM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by VictoireStar View Post
Actually, not for me, really. IN RL, I really dislike cats. Alot. But somehow here, I really love the look of the Cathar. I have no idea why, really, I just find them really cool looking, and Bioware especially did an amazing job with the male Cathars. I don't usually play male characters, but this time I am really tempted to create a male character just to have a male cathar. And I like the female cathar too, just disappointed with the lack of hairstyles, but still going to make one!
If you make do make a male Cathar you could name him "Roary" and then make a female Sniper named
"Aimy." Snipers get the Doctor (Lokin.) I know that's just silly, but it's late here.
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05.15.2013 , 03:46 AM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by Repman View Post
That's sort of cool looking. I was going to unlock Cathar but was scared I'd just get a Jawagram instead
Coming to a dye pack near you! 1 Jawagram and 1 dye! Double the fun! Triple the profit! This gem of knowledge brought you by Biowallet!

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05.15.2013 , 12:05 PM | #43
Pictures are big so here are links instead.

Aedhan the Smuggler -

Alusine the Trooper -
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05.15.2013 , 12:18 PM | #44
Quote: Originally Posted by Haggardbr View Post
Wow! Super-sharp look there

My kittyTrooper is still in her ugly starter clothes and probably will be for a little while ( ), but I'm enjoying seeing everyone else's.
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05.15.2013 , 12:20 PM | #45
Quote: Originally Posted by Repman View Post
That's sort of cool looking. I was going to unlock Cathar but was scared I'd just get a Jawagram instead
Dude! I was sipping a Mountain Dew when I read this and spitted it up on my monitor.... LOL.

Funny and clever reply...
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05.15.2013 , 12:24 PM | #46
Dark Brown/Medium Brown on the mid-level PvP RD-05A Spider Jacket. Wanted to use the moddable Smuggler jacket from Coruscant, but it has no dye slot.

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05.15.2013 , 12:30 PM | #47
this is how I handled the 2.1 situation
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05.15.2013 , 12:42 PM | #48
I have yet to make a Cathar. waiting on monthly cartel coins. 4 more days...
I'll post back later showing my new dyed gear. I love it!
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05.15.2013 , 12:50 PM | #49

Haven't played much with dyes yet. Was too busy playing my BH catgirl instead of going through dyes on my artificer. Also, waiting for CM colors to get unbound and appear on the GTN.

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05.15.2013 , 12:52 PM | #50
Quote: Originally Posted by Haggardbr View Post
Best looking cathar so far.
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