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Hard Mode Flash Points

Grahfh's Avatar

12.21.2011 , 02:58 AM | #1
Ok so, you get into hard modes by going to the quest giver and accepting the [Hard Mode] option. Not all dungeons have hard modes; that being said, what dungeons do?

Black Talon, accepted from the quest giver in the Korriban/Hutta dock
Foundry and Boarding Party, accepted from the soldiers standing right outside their entrances

All bosses in hard modes seem to enrage, atleast 90% of them.. [second foundry boss] didn't seem to...

Also, last boss in foundry seems to be bugged?
Got him to 30% several times and he just starts 1 shotting everyone without the enrage buff.. seemed to happen every time after force storm.. if it is intended then I'd imagine the enrage buff would be there.

Lastly.. where are the lv50 instances? like Directive 7? lol

benchpress's Avatar

12.21.2011 , 05:55 AM | #2
hmm, im pretty sure there are more then 2 hard mode dungeons. I got a weekly quest asking me to complete ~5different hard mode dungeons.

dipstik's Avatar

12.21.2011 , 03:09 PM | #3
others have reported that they are bugged. might be able to rightclick and set fp difficulty taht way. not sure if u will get the hard mode credit. but the loot should be hard mode.