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Misqueue Etiquette, how do you react?

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05.14.2013 , 10:19 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Snapsix View Post

This ^

It's very simple, people know what they are specced as and what equipment they have, especially the closer you get to max check before you queue.

I for one am getting seriously fed up with joining groups where the healer/tank are in fact dps specced and either fail spectacularly to tank because they have low endurance and no mitigation or don't bother healing because they are too busy dps-ing. To say "oh but I get group faster if I queue as both" is a waste of everybodies time - groups containing these people have little to no chance of completing the content, so please just don't.


If you have field respec and two sets of gear then that is a whole other story, fairplay to you for being flexible. IMHO, you should only be able to queue for multiple roles in FPs once you have field respec unlocked - this would help solve a LOT of these kind of mistakes/problems...
This all day long. I have field respec on all 11 of my lvl 50+ toons and carry extra gear. If you don't want to do that then don't multi ole select for FPs.

It actually shouldn't even be an option. I refuse to believe that the devs can't put an "if/then" into the code specifying your role by your talent tree.

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05.15.2013 , 08:08 AM | #22
I'm humbled by all the perfect people in this thread; it must be really nice to be infallible.

To answer the original question, if I queue up and the groupfinder has turned on a role I didn't want (because I respecced to tweak my talents that day and *gasp* forgot my roles would adjust), and I didn't notice it because I just clicked accept while I was in a fight doing dailies...

I say, "Wow, sorry it queued me as heals, but I'm damage spec. Good luck all!"

Then I leave. They are at the front of the queue-- I'm not a healer, so they are STILL waiting for a healer. They can just Exit Area to go back to wherever they were.

Yes, I get just as ticked off at Damage that queue as Heals *on purpose*, but the question posed was how to you handle ACCIDENTALLY queuing with the wrong role.

Apparently, most of the people posting here never ever make mistakes, and can't relate to the question.