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Too much CC

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12.21.2011 , 01:37 PM | #81
Quote: Originally Posted by Sentzu View Post
I'm wrong if I disagree? Wow you must be really smart.

The fact is, you're wrong if you think you're getting stunned for "literally 30 seconds straight". If you're such an experienced PVPer you'd know that the Resolve system prevents CC chains from getting out of line the way you're claiming.

Oh, almost forgot... L2P and loose the attitude.
If you had any idea what you were talking about, you would know that the resolve system is bugged at best, and has no functionality at worst. It is inconsistent and rarely does its job. Yes, between snares, stuns, etc. I have spent quite a long period of time without being able to use my character (whether it be attacking or moving). This is a pretty simple concept to understand. There is currently no arena. There are a lot more than 2,3, or 5 people in a warzone, and to give each class multiple stuns and CCs with a more than sub-par "resolve" system is just silly.

Unlike WoW, PvP for this game should be balanced around Warzones because its the most competitive PvP aspect the game has to offer. The job is incomplete, and needs to be fixed. Multiple stuns and CCs for each class is not needed when there are that many people that are supposed to be playing together. One per class would make much more sense given the current system and abilities to break CC. To end my superior argument, let me put out that you are simply a WoW PvE dragonslaying carebear turned bioware fanboy. It is you that needs to "L2P"

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12.21.2011 , 01:51 PM | #82
Quote: Originally Posted by Scrim View Post
Every class has tons of ways to break or become immune to CC. If they added big time diminishing returns like other games, then you would never be able to be CC'd at all. They would be better off removing CC all together if they did it. Simply because of the way some skills were designed in the first place.

I don't have problems with the CC in the game right now. If it wasn't for CC Huttball would be over in a few minutes.
I have one (of course I'm only lvl 20) but for a pvper, cc makes pvp incredibly frustrating.

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12.21.2011 , 02:05 PM | #83
If anyone is getting chain stunned for 30 seconds straight then you should be happy because you are probably winning your warzone because your other 7 teammates should be destroying everyone freely!!

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12.21.2011 , 02:08 PM | #84
Quote: Originally Posted by LunardruidTwo View Post
If anyone is getting chain stunned for 30 seconds straight then you should be happy because you are probably winning your warzone because your other 7 teammates should be destroying everyone freely!!
LOL true except for huttball........

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12.21.2011 , 02:08 PM | #85
CC is absolutely necessary and makes for more interesting tactical encounters. However, grey-bar CC, especially to the point that a player is spammed to death, is not only unnecessary, but is un-fun as well.

Possible quick fixes:

-Decrease the cooldown on everyone's Resolve to 45s, or maybe even 30s.
-Scale back at least one CC skill from each class (except for Jugs/Guards).
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12.21.2011 , 03:05 PM | #86
I am curious to know where everyone is getting there is too much CC.

I am currently lvl 18 on my assassin and I have 1 stun. Which is on a CD and only lasts for 4 seconds as do most of those CC types.

I keep hearing people saying there is too much CC in the game. If this is the case, the only thing I can think of is that people are thinking they should be able to charge into a group of 5 people and not get locked down at all? I mean seriously under no circumstances should that be possible. If you are going to rush into a group you deserve to get locked down a blown up. Also there should be no way you can just run out of a large group of enemies without a sweat.

CC is designed to add stradegy to PvP just like a few other people have stated. Without it, basically it would be 2 people standing toe to toe smashing abilities until one dies.

In the instance of a dps is on you with a healer behind him. Good luck winning that fight if BW took away YOUR ability to CC.