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Probs seeing Boss aoe particularly

Vladnar's Avatar

05.11.2013 , 01:44 AM | #1
Could anyone please advise on this..........

I have played around a lot with the graphics through prefs and other bits and pieces and the game works perfectly well and very smooth, ops are not a problem and wz's don't suffer with lag unless its an aoe crazy toon fest then its a bit weird but that's probably just likely to happen.

Its the aoe boss damage which reared its ugly head again last night, and I thought it had gone for good. I was healing 55 Cademimu and the end chap with the rocket above your head I only get to see about 1 to 2 seconds of white smoke before its flames which if its over you is just not enough if the other guys haven't moved yet. It could be a bit of a bug BUT is there any graphics changes that would assist in seeing boss aoe better?........I for eg have trees and grass on very low, which though it sounds a bit daft would this be better on higher for seeing such things as boss aoe markers?

Any help appreciated


gonna get annoying for people getting taken down by bosses and having to write "why is the healer still standing in the flames" when the healer hasn't yet actually seen any flames yet lol
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05.11.2013 , 06:48 AM | #2
I know my clue to move isn't so much the smoke, as much as lighting cues. Basically the areas where the rocket are going to fire get brighter before the smoke even appears, and that's my general time to **** moment.

What kind of Video Card do you have?
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05.12.2013 , 10:21 AM | #3
ill watch out for it thanks
The time of the Empire is now truly upon us