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Contain and Control Empire Staged Weekly (Weapons Test and other achievements)

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Contain and Control Empire Staged Weekly (Weapons Test and other achievements)

tahyri's Avatar

04.19.2013 , 08:04 AM | #1
Is there a specific path that needs to be taken through Stage 1 to unlock the Stage 2 Heroic 4 Weapons Test? Dulfy's guide says it appears you can only get it after doing the Staged Weekly once, however we did the weekly last week and did not have it as an option this week. It seems like we may have to do certain Stage 1 quests in a certain order to unlock it.

Between last week and this week, we did every other available Stage 1 and Stage 2 quest on our main characters, including the bonuses that went along with them. There are still 3 parts of the Well Connected achievement (besides unlocking Weapons Test) that are still listed as incomplete:
- Diverted Mercenaries to the Fingers away from the Cartel Mining Mesa, which quest activates this one? I'm guessing that it's a Stage 1 quest that makes Stage 2 Dissonance Wave easier/shorter?

-Planted False Data in the Talarm Hall of Records, I'm guessing this would be in the Stage 1 False History, but didn't find any extra clickies in that quest, does it require another quest to set it up?

-Unlocked Bonus Objective "Tracing Guilt" in the Smuggler's Den mission. Do we need to do certain other Stage 1 quests/bonus objectives in that week to be able to get his bonus mission?

Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!

Zohkar's Avatar

04.30.2013 , 03:33 PM | #2
I'm down to only needing the following and still trying to figure out the order to get them for Imperial. Torhead hasn't had any new stuff in a long time and been atleast a couple hours to days on the dulfy information.

  • Created a Dissonance Wave at Cartel Mining Mesa
  • Diverted Mercenaries to the fingers away from the Cartel Mining Mesa
  • Planted False Data in the Talam Hall of Records
  • Tracing Guilt in the smuggler's den mission - Completed 5/4/13
60 Zohkar (Guardian) 60 Sa'brina (Immortal)
60 Zankar (Shadow) 60 Selura (Corruption)
60 Zandakar (Sharpshooter) 60 Sil'mara (Operative)
60 Zanlamar (Gunnery) 60 Sondrea (Shieldtech)

KalidanDraak's Avatar

04.30.2013 , 10:27 PM | #3
Any update on this? We tried doing dissonance wave and the local trouble thinking it may open Weapons Test, it did not

Tsongkhapa's Avatar

05.08.2013 , 07:22 AM | #4
Weapons Test unlocked for me the second week, but i've still not managed to trigger tracing guilt, what exactly is involved with this bonus objective?

wainot-keel's Avatar

05.08.2013 , 08:02 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Tsongkhapa View Post
Weapons Test unlocked for me the second week, but i've still not managed to trigger tracing guilt, what exactly is involved with this bonus objective?
Really ? I have no idea how it works, but I know I did Stage 1 and Stage 2 in one sitting, since I was needing the makeb rep (and basic comms) for the crafting stuff. I did it this last sunday.
Only strange this was that the last part for stage 1, which is per se a full quest didn't give any kind of rewards (not rep token, not comm). I was perplex by it, but went to the bounty board and had the stage 2 stuff unlocked. I completed the 3 quests for the stage 2 with no trouble.

( Good samaritans on gen chat suggested me that never ever under no circumstances no matter what how bad and how selfdestructive I feel , I should choose the dissonance wave quest, which apparentely has been designed by a true sadist )

Ellyria's Avatar

05.08.2013 , 11:05 AM | #6
A guildie and I have been testing different combinations out, here's what we have so far:

• [Stage 2] Dissonance Wave unlocks [Stage 2] Local Trouble
• [Stage 1] Inciting Incident unlocks [Stage 2] [Heroic 4] Weapons Test
• Doing [Stage 1] Clean Bill of Health unlocks Bonus: Frinn Mesa Followup for [Stage 1] Twisting the Truth
• Doing [Stage 1] Inciting Incident, then [Stage 2] [Heroic 4]Weapons Test, then [Stage 2] Dissonance Wave completes “Divert Forces to the Fingers Away from the Cartel Mining Mesa” sub-achievement

We have a few other completed as well but they were before we started keeping track and we have no idea how we got them. There seems to be way more information for the Republic Staged Weekly than the Imperial, so we've just been reading the quest descriptions and guessing.
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Iwipe's Avatar

05.10.2013 , 08:59 PM | #7
I got everything but the Diverted Mercenaries to the Volcanic Mesa subachievement thanks to this thread and a couple of my friends. (I have it narrowed down to a couple of missions but not sure on which one you need or the specific order)

Anyways, I will post what I have right now, hopefully someone will find it useful.

Danylia's Avatar

05.11.2013 , 01:18 AM | #8
Thanks everyone for the info.

Dulfy, 2 points regarding your guide:
Terrified The People of Westwater Settlements: I completed the [STAGE 2] Local Trouble, and I didn't get this achievement. I think I also completed the bonus for it, though I don't remember that right now (was the bonus to click five consoles? If yes, then I indeed completed it).

Diverted Mercenaries to the Volcanic Mesa: I have the achievement, and I ran the missions in the following order:
1 - Smuggler’s Den
2 - Landing Party
3 - Eviction Notice
I did not cross-check it though (that is, I remember running the missions in this order, and I know I have the achievement, but I haven't checked the achievement right after finishing one/two/three of the missions)
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Iwipe's Avatar

05.11.2013 , 09:11 AM | #9
The friend that got terrified people of Westwater did this sequence.

[STAGE 1] [HEROIC 4] Sharing the Blame -> [STAGE 1][HEROIC 2] False Data -> [STAGE 1] Inciting Incident -> Interlude -> [STAGE 2] [HEROIC 4] Weapons Test -> [STAGE 2] The Dissonance Wave -> [STAGE 2] Local Troubles.

I am wondering if [H4] Weapons Test is involved.

Elzen's Avatar

05.11.2013 , 09:25 AM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by Iwipe View Post
I am wondering if [H4] Weapons Test is involved.
It is not. I haven't done it and I've completed that part of the achievement.