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Language Translator

Payday-Massacre's Avatar

05.10.2013 , 05:13 PM | #1
Where to begin? I would like to see a translator added to the game. I get queved with people who do not speak English...whenever they type in /party or /general, I usually alt tab out and then get a bing/google translation. Is there something in the works?
Blame Canada

Gwena's Avatar

05.10.2013 , 05:42 PM | #2
FFXIV actually had/has a translator and I must say it worked quite nicely. It was often used as a chat shortcut, too, sort of like an auto-complete, so it cut down on the chat speak I suppose. xD But the servers were all international so it was important (loads of Japanese and European players), not sure if it will be deemed important enough in this game as the need is not as great. Would be neat though.

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