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Can't do flashpoints for 3 days now....

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Can't do flashpoints for 3 days now....

Mallorik's Avatar

05.07.2013 , 07:16 PM | #31
There are definitely a lot of really bad players in the GF for hm 55's, im my guilds raid tank so I like to relax and dps in fp's when I have the chance but lately the bad healers and really bad tanks have made pugging an fp as a dps no fun at all.

So I just go tank now if im going to pug because no matter how bad the dps is I can still get the job done and thank god im well geared enough to even weather a bad healer.

Bioware really needs to put a gear check on the group finder, it wont weed out all of the bad players but it will thin them quite a bit, and it will help the frustrated good players as much as it will help the bad ones that are being yelled at or kicked from groups they don't belong in.