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Soloing for HK51

Seireeni's Avatar

05.05.2013 , 05:29 AM | #11
I soloed all the heroics with my assassin tank in wh/ewh mix (before 2.0). No problems at all back then at least.

Drew_Braxton's Avatar

05.05.2013 , 06:50 AM | #12
Fatal Errors (Heroic 2+) for Empire players
The Fatality (Heroic 2+) for Republic players

If your gear is blackhole or higher you will have no problem soloing these for any class. Just watch for pats and don't pull an extra mob.

Directive: Activate Assassination Protocols for Empire players
Assertion: Repairs Required for Republic players.

Another you can easily solo. Even easier if you get the stim injector. Read a guide before you get to the Theoretica if you want to speed up this mission.

Heroic 2+ Lord of Agony / Alert: Hostiles Imminent
You will find this the most challenging of all the +2 heroics. The mobs before the Lord of Agony can hit pretty hard if no cc and interrupts are done. Interrupt and cc the heals makes this much easier. The same goes for the Lord at the end. He will cast a few abilities that do a lot of damage. Depending on your class, let him cast whirlwind on your companion and cleanse it off so you can save your interrupt ability for the hard hitting ones. As with most of the Section X elites Force Storm is the main damage ability to interrupt. Alternatively, you can simply wait for force storm to nearly finish casting and then high tail it to a different area outside the aoe damage. Click passive on your companion so it follows you out of aoe zone. this will save your interrupt. Chain Lightning you can see being cast and you can back away from your companion which will reduce the damage greatly. The closer you and your companion are to each other when the chain lightning hits the more damage you will take. If your a stealthing class you can skip most if not all junk to get to the LOA.

Solo'd on Merc, jugg, op, sorc, pt, sage, scoundrel, sentinel, vanguard, shadow, and commando and they were all very doable solo. Haven't tried it on the other classes, but I'm sure you can.
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