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A question for Dev's on the Holy Trinity of MMO's

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A question for Dev's on the Holy Trinity of MMO's

Nytling's Avatar

12.21.2011 , 12:02 PM | #1
Hiya, First let me say Im loving the game and ty for all the hard work you have put into it. Let me frame the question first.

Bioware has decided to continue the concept of the holy trinity ie Tank/DPS/Healer, which is fine and nothing wrong with that I too enjoy playing various roles. Bioware has also gone a very long way, in my opinion, to trying to reduce the impact this system has, namely role shortages, by giving three of the four base classes the chance to fill any of the trinity roles. Further to add variety Bioware has made advance classes to change the feel of how a class is played enhancing our options for play style. Lastly Bioware has chosen to go with another standard, the three talent tree system, based on the idea of two roles and a shared pvp tree It is here that I have a hard time understanding Bioware's development choice for the characters.

From past MMO's we know the holy trinity has created a major problem with player grouping often creating long ques for instances/flashpoint and raid/operations. You can see that already in SWTOR with some people asking for groups for thirty minutes or more. This has been a development issue for some time and many games have tried to balance this better over their life time. One, that I know of, is even trying to do away with the trinity altogether. Now Bioware has known about this through out the development cycle and, I think, this is evident in their making the three roles so widely available to the base classes.

Im trying to understand why Bioware didn't continue that idea of broad role availability. I like the idea of advance classes in essence making four classes into eight just by changing the feel of how they play. I also applaud how they made three of the classes able to have all three roles and how they adapted the feel to each base class. In my opinion this is where development ended. Here Bioware had a chance to continue this balancing yet they chose to stop half way down the road to eliminating the trinity's curse of role voids.

Had Bioware continued and made each advance class capable of performing all three roles instead of two roles and a pvp option tree they could have vitually eliminated the trinity role void problem. Adding a pvp tree, in my opinion, is useless as these options can be wrapped into a base role tree with better definition to the role. Everyone would then have been able to respec should the need arise to play any needed role. This allows even more freedom in the ideal of play the game how you want which many MMO game developers seem to strive for.

In a game where classes are built more around their feel and sense of play style I think it would have been completely resonable to have each advance class be any of the three roles and still retain the unique feel and look of that class. I personally know people that play Inquisitor/Sorcerers that would love to tank and seeing one using the force to sheild, mitigate damage and controlling aggro. Mage tanks anyone.. That would be awesome. For myself I play an Inquisitor/Assassin and really would love to be able to heal for my guildmates should a role shortage occur.

My question then is, Why has Bioware chosen to develope the advance class roles and trees they way they have? A development choice that goes some way to limiting the void caused by the holy trinity of MMO's but, in my personal opinion, falls short of that end goal.

entropyji's Avatar

12.21.2011 , 01:15 PM | #2
Because one char that can do it all tends to cause people to not roll alts. Or turn 8 classes into 4 if this a disguised ac respec whine.

Perhaps there are dps only ac's because there's a sizeable amount of people that only want to dps and bioware wants to make them happy to.

Or as I'd tell you on other forums, people heal or tank because they want to, not because the amount of tank/heal specs out there. It is and always has been a social issue, not a developer one.

-hori-'s Avatar

12.21.2011 , 01:36 PM | #3
Well, I'd happily heal for a group or two while leveling, but as I am leveling, I am specced for DPS. Bioware should be smart and steal the multiple specs thingy from their competitors.