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Scoundrel 2.0 dps

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04.22.2013 , 09:22 PM | #1
So after taking some time to get some new lvl 69 gear (with some 63's and 61's mixed in) on my scrapper, I am seeing that it is quite easy to burst +3k dps for a 25 second burn phase and for a longer 5 min fight I can average around 2.3k dps. My question to you other scoundrel dps guys/gals is how are things for Dirty Fighting? I gave it a go but I just cannot seem to parse above 2k for a 5 minute fight. Also tried out hybrids just for kicks and although I got a weirdly good result with this build, I wouldn't recommend it since I just got insanely lucky with procs and crits.

One more thing can a theory crafter go ahead and work on the scoundrel class? I am glad to see that sages were already done since the stat optimizing calls for no crit in their case but I am still very unsure what to stack for my scrapper. We get a lot of alacrity buffs from backblast/shoot first and pugnacity so I am pretty sure stacking it would be a waste. For crit we get talents that increase our crit chance on backblast and ones that increase our overall crit so I would think that my 22% with no crit stat (buffs from class and smug buff applied) would be enough. Should we just stack power mods and surge/alacrity enhancements with some acc thrown in?

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04.26.2013 , 03:56 AM | #2
What buffs you receive through your skill trees (other than accuracy and mainstay) are irrelevant. So bonuses to crit or alacrity don't mean anything at all when it comes to gearing because those bonuses do absolutely nothing towards the diminishing return thus not effecting what you would BT stacking.
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05.04.2013 , 02:41 PM | #3
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