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Group Finder for lv 55 Heroics

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05.03.2013 , 08:06 PM | #1
I'm generally a casual solo player and only really do multiplayer content for storyline such as getting HK-51. I'm happy playing this way and really am not interested in PvP or running Flashpoints over and over. Because I tend to play solo and don't do a lot of multiplayer content I'm not in a guild and I rely on the group finder when I want to join a group.

The issue I am now encountering with this is doing the seeker droid and macrobinocular missions leads to doing some lv 55 four player heroics on otherwise low level planets. Because they are low level worlds I CANNOT use group finder for those planets as a 55 I can only use it for Section X or Makeb and despite repeated requests in chat on Makeb or in the fleet I've had no luck finding a group.

Being on an APAC server doesn't help in this situation as I have literally been the only player on the entire planet of Ilum at times or had less than 20 people on Makeb when I'm trying to find a group through chat. If there are going to be Heroics for 55's on these planets it would be really great if you could actually use the group finder.

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05.03.2013 , 09:55 PM | #2
I completely agree that there needs to be someway to complete those missions if you are considered more of a solo player.

I also have an issue in general with the group finder. I was in a HM lvl55 flashpoint where we were doing well on the trash and made it to the first boss. Upon attempting the boss the group members died(Mand. Raiders), because the healer was not actually geared for the flashpoint. After the healer was called out by one of the dps for not being geared the dps left, leaving three of us in, the healer then noted that he wasn't sure about his gear but was going to go work on it to ensure that he could complete the mission. After the healer bailed the last dps said he was going to go help( one dps and the healer were friends ) leaving me alone in the flashpoint unable to continue without a reset because the boss was not killed ( i could not que because trash had been killed) upon leaving and resetting the flashpoint and re-entering the que, I was dropped into an entirely different HM. WTH?!? If I had to go through all the trouble of stepping out and resetting to reque only to wind up in an entirely different HM why not just let me que anywhere?

Also if you're going to have a suggested rating...why not go the next step and not make it available until that rating is achieved, the idea of allowing people to decide anything for themselves will only waste time of others who are prepared.
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05.04.2013 , 01:10 AM | #3
What gear did the healer have ? I don't think that first boss, with the 2 dogs is particularly hard on healing. If tank keeps boss away from dogs and healer cleanse the dots the puppies put on people they attack, healing is quite easy. Just put HoT on tank, check back on him/her later and just keep dps and yourself alive.

Only problem there could be dps not focusing on one dog first or running like headless chickens trying to avoid them when they get attacked. I've seen it, lol
Honestly, some trash pulls prior to that are harder because of the spike damage tank can get.

Anyway, that gear check... nah, do not want.

I remember my first 55 hm with my mara, Hammer Station, during the early access week. Tank was a powertech. After a couple of minutes, I see the healer talking about the tank's gear. It was a mix of Campaign, Rakata and Columi. Yes, guy had Columi stil. I said to myself "oh, well... we get squashed like bugs we disband group,big deal,lol"
But we didn't. We cleared the instance with no deaths. After the bonus boss, healer apologized to the tank for complaining at his gear.

That gear level is just a suggestion. Some will do with less than that, some won't do with more. That's the unknown of pugging. You don't want the unkonwn, stick with friends and guildies.