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BW please give ETA for Season 1 and for the next pvp patch!!!

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BW please give ETA for Season 1 and for the next pvp patch!!!

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04.30.2013 , 05:02 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by ufasach View Post
Well I agree with all of the above but to be honest the best thing that they could do for pvp right now is hammer the players that are using every cheat that they can find on the internet to make warzones unplayable for the opposing team. There are a wide variety of them available on websites that gleefully state that Bioware had shown no interest in putting a stop to it.
This is the real reason we don't have season 1 of ranked because Bioware know that it will highlight the problem and force them to act when they have no idea how to approach the problem. You would think that a software company with their resources would be able to auto-detect when exploits and hacks alter the game.
Then its simply a case of returning the offending players to level 1(not even a ban required and watch those practices stop dead. You would be amazed how many pvp heroes would suddenly not be in the wz's anymore.
I want season 1 ranked and I want new warzone objectives and new maps with new strategies but with the current epidemic of cheating going on it would just continue the bad experience.

Also it would be nice if on some days, the lag didn't make it look like you were playing hutball on the fleet but the two problems are most likely related.

Goblinmacro btw has many macros available which are coincidentally named after players on my server.

Funny that.
^^^ Agree totally. Fix hacking Bioware!

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05.01.2013 , 09:19 AM | #12
I agree with the OP, with the exception of the augment glitch I think the new bolster and balance changes have been good. It gives more people a chance to PvP if they haven't before or on their alts. But we do desperately need some new PvP content. Some type of arena, new wzs, rvr, PBS system, solo rated queue, x server rateds, anything would be great.
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