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[Cybertech] Advanced Adept Enhancement 28 Bugged? Wrong Stats!

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[Cybertech] Advanced Adept Enhancement 28 Bugged? Wrong Stats!

-Damask-'s Avatar

04.27.2013 , 01:56 AM | #1
So I finally learned the purple Adept 28 tonight. When comparing it with the 27 I noticed that the stats were wrong!

The Adv Adept 27 has 29 / 44 / 60 end / power / surge
The Adv Adept 28 has 37 / 43 / 66 end / power / surge

Now torhead lists the Adept 28 as having 31 / 47 / 64 which would make sense, each stat a little higher than previous. I have never heard of a higher tier of gear having less stats than the lower tier when comparing the exact same item. I can't imagine how they let this kind of error slip by. Hopefully they will fix it soon so I can get to crafting some new enhancements

mike_is_valid's Avatar

04.28.2013 , 11:24 PM | #2
Your cybertech can craft enhancements? cool

Rincewend's Avatar

04.28.2013 , 11:28 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by mike_is_valid View Post
Your cybertech can craft enhancements? cool
I assume he is talking about the mods, and yes the stats on a lot of things in the new stuff is all over the place (not sure if they ment to or someone failed to see this). Look at you ear's for cunning, at 440 they are the same stats.

-Damask-'s Avatar

04.30.2013 , 10:54 PM | #4
Obviously I am talking about artifice since I listed an enhancement by name and linked one. Don't know why this stupid forum put cybertech instead of artifice which i selected... I guess I'll go back to typing the skill in with the title manually since I can't change it now.

Anyway this needs to be addressed, its bad enough all the 28A/B mods are total crap but now the enhancements don't even have higher stats than the previous tier!